5 reasons why the iPhone X rocks

5 reasons why the iPhone X rocks: Yes, we know it’s the most expensive iPhone on the market, and currently to date. We know that some regions (China) don’t fully appreciate the new screen configuration either. And yes, as repair experts, we’re fully aware of how fragile that amazing screen is, and how expensive it is to fix…

But, here’s why we also think the iPhone x is utterly awesome!

iPhone screen lock means great privacy!

Get fed up with other people sneaking glances at your notifications over your shoulder? With the iPhone X this is no longer a problem. This device is so insanely clever that your notifications are only unlocked by your own eye being recognised by the scan app. Even a sidelong glance will only partially unlock your notifications, so you can see which apps they are coming from, but no actual messages. This is a wonderful option if you are surrounded by nosy parkers.

iPhone Face ID saves time and fiddling

iPhone x Face ID makes logging into websites that you are registered for, much faster than before. For example, if you like to shop online, or you need to check password protected sites like your banking, the passwords can be bypassed and Face ID checks you in immediately. This is a fantastic option by iPhone – not only does it provide greater security potential, but if you struggle to remember all those passwords, (and who doesn’t?) it’s the function for you.

Selfie freaks love the iPhone X

The iPhone X enables you to look better online that you have ever done before. Not only does it have an utterly awesome camera – but it can also provide you with all the lighting settings you need to take the most flattering portraits possible – and on the front-ward facing camera – something no other smart phone yet provides.

When you are in selfie mode, simply hit Portrait, and you can even blur the background and instantly give ‘pop’ appeal to your shot. Other amazing setting include Studio, Stage Light, Contour (hello Kim) and Natural lighting options.

No wonder all those self-obsessed celebs are getting more and more beautiful! Clearly they’ve got their hands on the iPhone X

iPhone have finally added the Android Tap-it function

People dedicated to Android aren’t entirely bonkers. One of the most convenient add-ons is the ‘tap to wake’. Basically, you can now check the date, time and see the battery status just by tapping the iPhone X screen. It’s such a simple feature – and one that’s been available on Samsung – like forever – but it makes all the difference when it comes to user-friendliness. So, thanks iPhone, for adding that convenient little helper.

iPhone navigation functions have never been so good

You know how annoying it is when you’re driving somewhere and using Google Maps – and you suddenly need to check something else? It’s highly infuriating – not to mention sometimes disastrous to your navigating, when you can’t just flip backwards and forwards between Maps and other apps simply and quickly. It’s led to many a missed turn and increase in petrol consumption. Well, Apple customers complained, and Apple listened, and now the iPhone X allows you to flip backwards and forwards from Maps at a single touch.

The iPhone X is sleek and slimeline

Despite being just a wee bit bigger than it’s clunkier older sister – the iPhone 8 – the iPhone X provides you with an impressive ‘wall-to-wall’ and simply stunning 5.8 inches display. Supremely responsive and lag-free, this lighter, sleeker super-model of the iPhones is a pleasure to use and carry about. Just make sure you get a good case for it…