5 ways to increase your iPhone battery life

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5 ways to increase your iPhone battery life


#1 Drain and charge the iPhone battery

To increase the functionality of your iPhone battery life, completely drain it, and then charge the iPhone battery to full capacity. So often, the battery gets low, so we start charging the iPhone before the battery gets to zero power. It’s important that you try to let the battery complete a full drain and charge cycle at least once every four weeks. If your phone feels warm during charging, unplug it and remove any protective casing so it cools down.


#2 Update iPhone software

As per Apple recommendations, your iOS version needs to be updated to the latest version. New ways are always being explored to increase iPhone battery life via your operating system, so go to Settings, then to General, then to Software and click on Update.


#3 Good iPhone settings management

Closing and restarting apps drains your iPhone battery life and your data. It’s much more beneficial to leave them dormant and on in the background. Likewise, email retrieval frequency doesn’t have to be constant – only when you actually need to read those emails. Switch off auto check in your iPhone Settings menu to preserve battery life

4# Temperature control for your iPhone

If your iPhone had been charging in a hot car and feels warm to the touch, unplug it and allow it to cool before turning it on again. Heat interferes with the functionality of the lithium battery. Leaving your iPhone in a hot place to charge, also increases the risk (however minor) of the battery overheating and exploding. Similarly, the battery responds poorly if the phone is very cold. So using your iPhone at a moderate temperature improves the battery function overall.

#5 iPhone screen brightness

Go dark. It’s such a simple solution but it makes a huge difference to how long your battery charge lasts. iPhone screens are increasing in size and technical ability, so require more charge. Turn down the brightness and keep it at 50% during daytime use, only switching it up if you need it in bright sunlight. At night, turn it to the lowest setting.

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