5 ways to shoot amazing video with an iPhone

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5 ways to shoot amazing video with an iPhone: We live in an age where video and live feeds have taken over the still image 100-fold when it comes to social media. Thankfully, the iPhone has always led the way in terms of quality cameras. These days though, the latest iPhones shoot in fantastic 4K – and this enables iPhone users to get amazingly professional results in their videos, simply by using their phones. Check out our movie-making top tips below.

#1 Get your iPhone a tripod stand

It doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive – or even that big. There are some great smart phone and iPhone tripods on the market today. Some  will even fold up and (almost) fit in your pocket. Basically, if you are shooting scenes where the iPhone camera needs to be steady, so a tripod is an essential piece of kit. Some vloggers suggest holding the iPhone close to your body and resting your elbows on a hard surface should you not have a tripod. But this isn’t a great solution, especially as you can get a reasonable iPhone tripod for around £15. iPhone has also made your job as novice cameraman even simpler by adding a stabilization setting to the newer models. If your phone is really old (think iPhone 5) you won’t get good results.  But Apple fans with models from the iPhone 6 onwards  (although the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and beyond have better stabilization than the iPhone 6) can still get great results.

#2 Light your iPhone video externally

Make sure you shoot your iPhone video in a location where there is a lot of light. The iPhone camera footage will be much better if you use an external light source – like a very bright lamp – to illuminate the scene. Don’t try to use flash mode as the results won’t be successful. The best way to ensure good lighting is to take your iPhone outside, where natural light will automatically provide you with the perfect illumination. If you have to shoot indoors and you don’t have any additional light sources, shooting facing a window will help.

#3 Get an external microphone for your iPhone

If your footage is great but your sound track is awful, your video won’t make a good impression. Echoed voices and background noises all interfere and ruin what could be an excellent home movie. Thankfully, Apple have got some fantastic external mics on the market that can run directly through your phone. Either position the mic on the subject – the chest and with a clip works well, or, a larger mic (like a boom) can be positioned above the subject’s head to catch optimum sound.

#4 Edit iPhone footage on iMovies at home

Take your time to get used to the fantastic video editing apps available for iPhones and iPhone footage. There are lots of different functions that allow you to edit your soundtrack, trim your video snippets and add graphics and captions too. Be prepared to practice, and shoot more footage than you think you will need. Very often, a novice cameraman can produce a decent video if the editing is good.

#5 Ditch the iPhone zoom and get a Gimble

All the experts on iPhone camera and video capabilities warn against using the digital zoom function. Digital zoom is not as smooth or effective on the iPhone as it is on a standalone professional camera, and it can ruin the focus of your shots. If you want shots that pan and move and focus in smoothly, think about investing in a Gimble. This is a stabilisation device that keeps your camera still even when you are on the move – and creates footage that look as though they are floating towards the subject. A much better result all round.


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