Apple increases iPhone user spying via iOS 12 update  

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Apple increases iPhone user spying via iOS 12 update

Apple increases iPhone User spying via iOS 12 update: iPhone users are up in arms about a new ‘tracking feature’ that monitors emails and calls. The feature, which only becomes activated via Apple’s iOS 12 update, enables the tech giant to track random calls and emails to ‘assess’ user honesty and award them a ‘trust score’.

The spying and collecting of data on calls and emails will be carried out mainly through iPhone devices once users update to iOS 12. Other devices that use the operating system, such as Apple TV’s, iPads and Macs, will also be tracked, but to a lesser extent as calls won’t be made on them.

 iPhone call and email tracking

Apple claims the information won’t be held long-term on their servers, and it won’t be monitored closely either. They also claim the information they will track, will be random, describing it as an ‘abstract summary’ of user activity.  Once they have a certain amount of information, they will allocate the user a ‘trust rating’ that will be flagged up through purchases. Apple says the feature will help prevent spam and fraud incidences.

However, users are not happy with this new form of tracking, and say they will be ditching their iPhones in favour of more basic phone models, to prevent spying and the retention of information by Google and Apple.

The news comes just as Apple has released it’s biggest iPhone yet – the iPhone X Plus, which has a 6.5 inch screen and more high tech features than the Starship Enterprise.

 iPhone users vent

One particularly disgruntled online commentator had this to say: “They’re controlling what you see, how you get your news and where it comes from. They are suppressing your opinions, deleting your accounts and now they’re associating a value to your social credability based on parameters set by them.”

Another user said they’d be swapping their iPhone for a basic model because of the latest update: “I’m not going to buy another Apple device. I’m at a point in my life where I’m about to chuck out all of these devices and all the apps that go with them. I’m considering a cheap prepaid phone for emergency calls from the kid. I’m so tired of these companies thinking they’re entitled to my personal business. It’s creepy the way they’re keeping track of us.”

The actual update centres on the new iTunes privacy policy where purchases are made online. Apple claims it’s be done “in an attempt to curb falsified reviews, spamming and fraudulent purchases”.

iPhone’s latest battery scandal

The news of this latest update comes just after Facebook announced it would also have a ‘Trustworthy’ rating on news items circulating on its platform.

It has also come on the back of complaints from users that their iPhone Battery life has literally ‘been cut in half’ due to the demands of the iOS 12 update. iPhone fans say they are being forced to upgrade their handsets yet again because the iOS update has drained their now ‘older generation’ device power supply.

However, despite assurances from Apple, public concerns over privacy laws and iOS 12 are high, with many smartphone users saying they will swap their devices for older technology due to the constant recording of data by social media sites, Google and Apple.

One commentator even suggested that iPhone users will be forced to update to iOS 12 because of the constant digital harassment to do so. He said: “You have almost no choice but to upgrade, or face constant reminders and notifications. We should have stopped this happening a while ago and continued with the Nokia brick phone. We’d all be better off,” he claimed.



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