Apple Rumoured To Be Releasing iPad Under £200

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Ipswich iPad fans will be aware that in 2017 Apple released its lowest priced full-sized iPad ever, giving more frugal tablet buyers a low cost option on iPad Pros that support the excellent Apple Pencil and keyboards that appear to be slowly taking over the Macbooks.

In 2018 Apple is reportedly going to go even lower on this price in order to push them to businesses and schools. Rumours are that the 9.7-inch tablet will get a price cut to around US$259 (roughly £190). Thios model currently has a starting price of US$329.

This option would make it very appealing for schools and businesses looking to use them for a classroom of kids or for wide business usage on the move.

AppleInsider ventured that iPad would probably have to use lower quality components or make design sacrifices to the tablet to make that price profitable. Also likely is that the hardware remains the same but the tablet gets discounted as it ages.

The rumour is from Digitimes who have a questionable record when it comes to predicting what Apple’s going to go so don’twager your life savings on this. However, it is highly likely that Apple will look to continue this trend of offering cheaper iPads to gain a sustainable market share within schools and businesses.

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