Are Apple developing a touch-free control system for iPhones?

Are Apple developing a touch-free control system for iPhones?

Are Apple developing a touch-free control system for iPhones?: Breaking boundaries is what Apple does best, and it seems they are doing it again with yet another Willy Wonka-esque function set to grace handsets in two years’ time.

Insiders claim the tech giant is developing a brand new system whereby users will be able to control phone functions simply by swiping above the screen – and not touching it. The new feature won’t be seen on iPhones for at least another two years though, if indeed Apple decides they will go forward with the development.

iPhone screen technology

If that’s not space-age enough for you, Apple are also creating new iPhone screens with an inverse curve. This new design could be seen as a one in the eye for Samsung, who pioneered the convex screen and launched in with the Galaxy Edge in 2015. Until now, Apple has stayed away from such gimmicks, with the iPhone X being the only model with a curved screen, but that is so imperceptible as to be invisible to the naked eye.

iPhone is also looking at microLED screens, as opposed to OLED screens it has used in later iPhone models. The new microLED screens won’t be featured for another three years in handsets that hit the market, according to Bloomberg reports in March 2018.

But both these features point to another extraordinary tech wave change in smartphone and communication technology. As we prepare for the launch of the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone X this autumn, we should also prepare for advances in technology in the near future that blow our minds in terms of functionality.

iPhone tech in a competitive market

The trouble is that the gaps are closing fast marketwise in terms of what is offered by the tech giants. While Apple once led the way, Samsung have, for some time chased them neck and neck. And the companies offering cheap imitations (Sony, LG, Huawei and Google) are now able to provide decent smartphone handsets with an impressive offering of bells and whistles.

According to recent reports, Huawei is taking the Asian market by storm, whilst Samsung is developing a foldable screen and has also launched an feature called ‘air gestures’ several years ago that lets users answer calls and browse the internet by swiping the air. However, Apple’s new project is based on in-screen technology, rather than a motion sensor, and will allow users greater flexibility in terms of touchless screen usability.

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