Apple’s Face ID iPhone Advert is a winner

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Apple’s Face ID iPhone Advert is a winner


Apple’s Face ID iPhone Advert is a winner: Apple have launched their official advert for the latest iPhone Face ID function – and it’s truly inspired! The advert shows a theatre full of highbrow, well-dressed people, all watching the stage as an intellectual contestant attempts to answer the penultimate question of the competition reminiscent of Mastermind  – for those of you old enough to recall it.

The question is a tough one. The host says; “You changed your banking password this morning. What is it?”

The audience recoil in horror at the clearly impossible question posed – and the contestant begins to sweat. Will he or won’t he be able to clinch the competition?

Of course, it’s an all too familiar situation these days with the numbers of password we all have to have, for every online transaction and account we are associated with, from social media platforms and online services, to banking and your phone.

Perhaps this is why Apple’s new iPhone Face ID has made such an impact on the smartphone market – it’s something we all need – and it’s the future of online security, which, let’s face it, needs to be a seriously tough nut to crack in order for our data to be secure.

iPhone Face I.D launch

But actually the advert might not be so far removed from reality, as setting up your Face I.D recognition security log in on your iPhone X, might not be as simple as it sounds. Indeed, Apple have even dedicated a whole page of instructions on the step-by-step process, as users were struggling with the Face-I.D process.

It is apparently, a several stet process which involves making sure you have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone X, and that the settings in your Face ID phone functions are correctly set up. Once that’s establshed, you then need to make sure that the true-depth camera lens is not obscured by either your phone case or a finger – considering the iPhone X has three different lenses to work with, this in itself can be challenging.  For more assistance in setting up your iPhone Face ID, follow this link to the official Apple support page 

The evolution of iPhone Face I.D.

Face I.D is the natural progression on from the revolutionizing touch and fingerprint I.D. As more and more of our transactions and personal information is stored on our phones, upping the security to even greater levels has always been a priority for Apple. iPhone’s Face I.D. enables users to manage all kids of purchases online without having to recall numerous passwords and I.D. logins, from iTunes and iBooks to the App Store and more. While it’s still in it’s infancy, one can see Apple leading the way with Face I.D technology so that eventually, all transactions will become subject to face I.D security.


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