So, your business uses computers?

Whether you run a small network, have two or three computers for admin or perhaps use sage for your accounts, I.T within the machinations of a business is becoming more and more vital. While quick calculations, streamlined data management, customer and stock auditing is now far easier it is also worth considering the potential hazards of integrating I.T into your business without the correct precautions. While your computers may run well you could be staring down the barrel of some very serious hazards.

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Data is better, right?

No doubt but without certain protections in place it can be a very dangerous way to store important company data. Unlike paper which is susceptible to the elements, spilled coffee or just plain being misplaced, large amounts of unbacked up data can be lost in a matter of seconds through hardware failures, data corruption of just human error. In short, without a solid backup solution your accounts, customer data and records are at constant risk of loss. In certain industries this could mean huge losses or revenue, time and even crippling enough to close you down.

Many companies use USB sticks and external hard drives to make weekly backups but even this seemingly cautious approach is inadequate. Small portable drives can be lost, manual backups can be overlooked so along with the potential hazards of relying on a single drive to backup data you have potential fails on both backup and main data.

Acefast provide automated localĀ or cloud backup to make sure than if a drive fails then the loss of data is as minimal as the backup intervals you set. Backups should be a process not left to chance, human error or using any precarious or potentially unreliable method. Data is often more than just accounts, sometimes the lifeblood of the business and a solid and reliable preventative process should be in place to make sure that it’s not lost.

Everything is ok, why do I need I.T support?

While many issues are signposted in some way before the worst happens, computers are often perfectly fine until disaster strikes. Damage and data loss caused by viruses, hard drive fails, data corruptions can strike without warning and wreak havoc in a split second. Because of these dangers, many of which companies and individuals do not even consider until they happen, preventive instead of reactive management is the key. A well thought out and maintained computer eco-system will have every measure in place to not only reduce the likelyhood of these issues arising but protections in place if they do. No data or time need ever be lost if your computer system is planned with prevention and damage limitation in mind.

Acefast perform an initial analysis of the computers and network in use then suggest the solutions and protections to prevent potential dangers and negate them should they strike. More often than not the precautionary methods are automated and require no ongoing upkeep or costs.

Simply put, if everything is ok then let’s make sure that it stays that way.

But ongoing I.T support services are expensive

Yes, they are but no, we are not. Unlike 90% of business I.T support services, Acefast offer a pay as you go solution to maintain your I.T. You only pay for what we do. There is no subscription, minimum monthly charge and we even look to familiarize your staff with the structure we put in place to allow it to be self governed as much as possible. I.T support isn’t and shouldn’t be delivered as a black art that only I.T professionals understand. Computers are a part of everyday life so wherever we can we will impart knowledge and know how to you and your staff.

How about improvements?

While the old adage, “If it aint broke then don’t fix it” is sound advice in many cases, with I.T there are often improvements and refinements that can be made. While we avoid dictating how things should be done if we manage the I.T for one of our customers, we are always their to make time saving suggestions based on our long experience in business I.T support. Whenever new or updated software becomes available for your industry we can make you aware and then await your decision on whether you feel your business could benefit from the changes.

So, what next?

If you think that Acefast business I.T support is a good fit for your operation then simply call us to make an appointment either at our office on Spring Road, Ipswich or ideally at your business. We can then discuss how AcefastĀ can help to streamline and protect your computer systems. We don’t try to pressure or hard sell you our services as we don’t believe aggressive intimidation is a good way to start a healthy business relationship. We have a cup of tea, a chat and let you know how we can help and if it’s for you then we make a further appointment to inspect your system to get the ball rolling. There is no subscription, no monthly fee for maintenance and you only ever pay for work completed. The only thing we do ask is that any solution we offer or system we manage for you is only protected and maintained by ourselves and the staff we train for you. Conflicting approaches while often just as effective can be very counterproductive when overlapping. Equally, we don’t like to step on anyones toes. Other than that we are a reliable service that won’t cost you any more than is needed and will be there within the day for general issues or within the hour on an emergency.

Call 01473 718212 to arrange a meeting with one of our I.T managers

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