FOUR top computer cleaning tips

Computer cleaning tips: Just like the rest of the things in your house, it is important that you think about you can keep your laptop as clean as possible. For most they may think that this is just an internal clean up of the files, but the truth is, the outside of your computer needs just as much (if not more) cleaning than that.

With this in mind, we have put together our guide on how to make sure that your computer is as clean as possible.

Take off the cover

In order to manage your computer cleaning properly you are going to need to make sure that you can gain access, the simplest way to do this is to make sure that you take the cover off. The cover is there to protect all of the inner workings of the computer, which means that you need to be incredibly careful during this part of the process as you can all too easily damage some of the inner components.

Once you’ve unscrewed the back, you’ll be able to see how dirty your PC or laptop is – and how well the fan is functioning. It’s actually really important to clean out your fan. If the fan gets gunked up with pet dander and dust, it won’t cool your computer effectively. This leads to unexpected shut downs and even to motherboards getting burned out. Computer cleaning is an essential part of your tech maintenance.

Pressurized air for computer cleaning

As we have mentioned, the insides of your computers are fascinating, but it is a place that you need to treat very carefully. One simple wrong move and the entire inner workings of the computer are never going to work again. If you are gentle, then chances are that you won’t damage the other sections as you take the entire unit apart.

We recommend canisters of pressurized air to blast out the dust and debris from difficult to reach places, without destroying the rest of your components. Be careful how you angle the air blasts though. Or you could end up making it worse actually by pushing bits of dirt into crevices.

Specialist screen products for computer cleaning

This seems obvious. But there are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to computer screen cleaning. For example, you absolutely don’t want to damage the fragile over-glass or membrane. So never, ever use glass cleaner on a computer screen. You can buy special screen cleaning formulas that work really well. Use these sparingly and always wipe your screen with a soft, micro fibre cloth.

The keyboard clean

One of the dirtiest places on the computer bar none. We sell reconditioned laptops and PCs. One of our pre-seller services is the keyboard clean. To clean your keyboard effectively, you will probably need to remove the individual keys. If you have a backlit keyboard, do not, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to remove it. Bring it to our service workshop for specialised cleaning. Backlit keyboards need expert cleaning.

Give your hard drive a spring clean too

We have ran through some of the actual cleaning tips for your laptop and computer, but what you may not realise is that is also important to clean up the interior and the inner workings of the computer too. Take good care of your files and pop them into another file where they will be safe.

Of course, you might feel happy enough to make sure that your computer is clean, but there are other people out there who are not quite as sure. If you need advice then there are plenty of laptop and computer experts who can help to make sure that this all important gadget is as clean as it should be.

Alternatively, book your laptop or PC in with one of our expert technicians who can carry out a full service clean for you. This will include the inside fan and of course, the keyboard. Contact us today.

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