FIVE EASY WAYS to speed up iPhone 5,6, 7

FIVE EASY WAYS to speed up iPhone 5,6, 7


FIVE EASY WAYS to speed up iPhone 5,6, 7: A slow and glitching phone is a big cause of frustration. Just recently, the speed of iPhones has been under the legal microscope. The iPhone battery scandal has been blamed. But iPhones are slowing down because the updated iOS software is too advanced for the hardware in older iPhones.

Users who want to keep using their older phones can improve the performance. Check out the below list of actions you can take to speed up your iPhone

1# Reboot your iPhone to increase performance

Like many modern devices, our smartphones run 24 hours a day. Very often a phone can just go to sleep mode at night and not be rebooted for weeks. This will affect the performance of your iPhone, just as not rebooting affects the performance of your Mac or your PC. By shutting down the iPhone you will clear the RAM in the memory. This could save you up to 120MB in storage space.

2# Clear out your iPhone photos and videos

Leaving hundreds of photo and video files on your iPhone will slow it down massively. Video files particularly are heavy. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of them without realising. Your image and video files will automatically be uploaded to cloud. You can access them wherever you are, as long as there is internet available. You don’t need to store them all on the hard drive of your phone – or even faff about iuploading them to your desktop. Apple has streamlined this system perfectly to help iPhones be super efficient. Make use of if and have an image clear out. Your iPhone will thank you for it.

3# Boost your iPhone 5,6,7 memory

The more free memory your iPhone has, the more efficiently it will function. There are various apps in the App Store that promise to supercharge your iPhone memory. The recommended one is Boost Memory. Simply install it and set the interface to make sure your memory is in ‘optimal shape’. The app will zip through all unnecessary junk being stored and delete it, This app can boost your available memory by around 400%. This app also lets you watch how well the other ips work, in terms of boosting your iPhone’s performance and speed. It’s a good way to start off the process.

4# Clean non-essential apps off your iPhone

While apps can be used to speed up your iPhone, to many non-essential ones can make performance sludgy and slow. Very often we can add apps just to try them out, and then never really use them. In the meantime, they are taking up unnecessary memory space. Go to your App Manager and delete all non essential apps. You can also update the ones that have been improved. They might run more efficiently as a result. The other app tip is to make sure you close all background running apps. If you don’t use an app, it can still be open in the background, running silently and using up additional data and memory. Close all the apps you don’t want to use. Leave open the ones you always use during the day though, as closing and re-opening apps can use up more memory than simply leaving them running. You can then check your installed Boost Memory app to se how much memory and power you have saved through this simple tip. Clearing the cookies and non-essential data from Safari can also make a huge difference in terms of how fast your iPhone works.

5# Update your iPhone iOS

Unless you have something as old as an iPhone 4, updating the iOS can actually help speed up your device. This is because the updates to iOS work to streamline your iPhone’s performance. If you have an iPhone 5,6 or 7, updating the iOS will, in general, help your device work faster and smarter. Apple updated the filing system so that iPhones work more efficiently with the updated software.




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