FIVE iPhone facts that will amaze you

Five iPhone facts that will amaze you: Are you an iPhone fan? Would you rather eat your own feet than invest in an android device? If so, you probably think you know all there is to know about your iPhone. However, we’re betting the below five iPhone facts will amaze you.


iPhone fact 1: You can correct Siri

That’s right. The age of artificial intelligence it definitely here. iPhone’s personal assistant Siri is brilliant. Credit where credit is due. But sometimes, her pronunciation is a little off. She gets thrown, as we all do, by different accents and languages. Although she had a brain the size of a planet and identifies as a super computer, she doesn’t always get it right. For example, a name could be pronounced exactly how it is spelled – or differently. If Siri pronounces something wrong, tell her. If you say the magic words; “That’s not how you pronounce [insert word]” Siri isn’t pig-headed. She’ll ask you how it should be said – and she’ll check back with you until she’s got it exactly right.


iPhone Fact 2:  Shake to delete

Lots of people don’t know about this amazing function, even if they use their iPhone all the time to type stuff. How irritating is I when you need to keep using the edit tools to delete, copy and re-paste text you have just written? It takes time and digit dexterity, to say the least. However, because iPhone engineers are geniuses, they created the shake function. If you type something incorrect on your iPhone, all you need to do to delete it (if it’s in Mail, Messages or Notes) is shake it. The text will delete and a notification message will appear to check the action was deliberate. If you decide you do want to use that word after all, you simply need to shale your iPhone again to reinstate the letters. No tedious mucking about with delete/copu/select/paste. Very convenient!


iPhone Fact 3: Hide your private images

If you have images on your iPhone that you don’t want anyone else to see, you can store them privately on you phone in seconds. Of course, this comes in handy if you want to let your kids play with the iPhone camera etc, and it’s got some, ahem, sensitive images stored in the gallery. Simply select the images you want private, tape the share button, and select the Hide option. Your images will no longer be available in the galleries section – but you can still access them through the albums app. Third party apps can of course, provide you with the same service. But how great is Apple for thinking of this so you don’t need to search for an option in the App Store.


iPhone Fact 4: The screen can be used as a trackpad

If you are composing a message that you need to edit before sending, you can literally use the screen as a mouse pad. If you press and hold your finger on the screen keyboard, after a second or two, the screen becomes a track pad that you can use your finger on – like a mouse. This enables you to highlight, select and change the text you need to. Couple this with the shake delete feature and writing on your iPhone has never been easier!


iPhone Fact 5: Customize your vibrations

It’s one of those weirdly handy settings that makes life so much easier – but you do wonder how they thought about it. We guess it’s just taking the personalised ringtone to another level. Basically, the customised vibration feature on all new iPhones, allows you to know exactly who is calling, without even taking your phone out of your pocket, This is especially handy if you are in a meeting with your phone on silent. You can tell if it’s just a social call, as opposed to an important one you might have been waiting for. Instead of letting everyone know you have a phone call. You can simply excuse yourself from the meeting, without every taking the device from your pocket. Pure genius.


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