FIVE WAYS to extend battery life: iPhone 8, iPhone X

FIVE WAYS to extend battery life: iPhone 8, iPhone X


FIVE WAYS to extend battery life: iPhone 8, iPhone X Apple have been very naughty recently, and although we’ll forgive them most things because their tech is spectacular, there are some issues that can’t be so easily forgotten. The battery debacle of 2017 is still affecting millions of iPhone 8 users, and it will begin to affect iPhone X users too, because Apple has now admitted that they ‘purposely inhibited iPhone performance’ when the batteries were heading to the great tech landfill in the sky.

Trouble is, iPhone batteries are not cheap – and as iOS continues to upgrade, the hardware struggles to keep up with the changes, resulting in glitchy iPhones, reduced performance and the ‘battery-saving mode’ which was at the heart of the recent scandal.

If your iPhone 8 or iPhone X seems to be slowing down, we’ve put together a list of the top FIVE ways to extend battery life, therefore improving the performance of your iPhone.


  • Turn down iPhone 8, iPhone X screen brightness to extend battery life

It’s a simple tip – and pretty obvious when you think about it. But seriously, how often have you actually had your screen turned up to mid or semi-high brighteness, without needing that much contrast? Unless you’re outside for the majority of the time, you iPhone screen can be adjusted to a low energy setting, saving strain on your eyes as well as your battery. Those beautiful OLED displays are wonderful for playing movies, but they drink up the juice unnecessarily when you don’t need them to be ultra-bright. You can enable auto-brightness, because Apple is smart like that, so your screen adjusts to the external requirements accordingly. Simply go to Settings, and in Display & Brightness, change the Auto-Brightness setting to ON. Simple!

  • Use the iPhone Manage Battery Saving Mode to extend battery life

This is an obvious one. But if you have noticed a slow-down and haven’t got around to investigating it yet, this should be your next port of call. The battery saving mode enables you to extend the life of your battery. It lets you know when battery power is dwindling and reduces the amount of power your iPhone uses accordingly. Simply go to Settings, hit Battery, and select Low Power Mode.


  • Adjust your Wi-Fi and data settings to extend battery life

Did you know it takes more iPhone power to access Wi-Fi networks via cellular data, than it does otherwise? By utilizing the Wi-Fi feature to access data, you’ll be putting less of a drain on your dwindling battery life. Simply change the settings to ‘enable Wi-Fi and connect to your preferred wireless network’


  • Do an iPhone battery health check to extend battery life

iPhones are almost human in terms of their capability – so it’s hardly surprising that you can run health checks on your iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The iOS 11.3 and iOS 12 have an added feature that allows you to see the lifetime of your battery and how it’s performing. The checks will also tell you if your iPhone is being slowed down due to a deficient battery, if your phone needs a service and so on. If you select Battery – and then Battery Health in the settings menu, you’ll get a rundown of the issues facing your battery usage and a forecast on it’s lifespan. For example, if your battery scores 100%, it’s obviously functioning at full capacity. But if it scores 79% and below, you need to implement measures to maintain battery health and power – see our above suggestions.


  • Basic iPhone battery life savers to extend battery life

Once you’ve made the above adjustments, make sure you implement the following tweaks to get the most out of your remaining battery life. If you’re in an area where mobile and internet signal is poor, set your phone to Airplane Mode.  When not in use, set your iPhone to sleep mode too. This is especially useful if you don’t want to turn off your phone at night when you are asleep, but equally; don’t want to be disturbed with notifications coming through. Equally, turning off the app notifications as a matter of course will also save you power and data usage if you’re not on Wi-Fi.


If things don’t get better after making these tweaks, you can always bring your phone in for a service and look over. Sometimes a system reboot is all that’s needed to fix a sluggish phone. Other times, the diagnosis can be more terminal. However, if you take note of the above  tips, you should be able to get more life from your iPhone batteries.

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