Folding smartphone screens launch

Folding smartphone screens launch: It’s the latest tech advance – and arguably the most impressive. Yes, the foldable device screen is finally here – and it’s truly incredible. Amazingly, it isn’t an Apple innovation. Samsung got there first. Nobody believed they would achieve it. But the impossible has been done.

The latest Samsung device is called the Galaxy X. The X will hit the market by February 20th 2019. This incredible innovation has literally left stiff old iPhone standing. It’s  being hotly persued by two other smartphone giants too. Royal FlexPai has jumped on the flexible screen bandwaggon with a screen that folds too.

These incredible inventions are not just hinged split screens. They are solid, non distorting displays that transform a regular smartphone into a tablet – and back again. Small enough to slip in your pocket or handbag, yet large enough to unfold to watch movie, or to use for a work meeting presentation.

The durability of these folding screens is interesting too. If they can be folded more than 200,000 times without damage, are they virutally indestructible?

Flexible screens and the competition

Samsung have not yet released the very secret process they have developed to create the incredible folding screen. According to experts, this latest innovation may have been made possible by reducing the mounts of layers within the OLED display, and by using Y-OCTA technology to enhance the sensor inside the screen. The brilliance of it can be discussed forever and a day. But analysis shows that the global market is hooked, intruiged and wants much, much more.

This could even be the innovation that topples iPhone as the premier smart device tech producer. Remember when Nokia was number one? It seemed as though no one could beat them. Then along can the iPhone and the Samsung full screen display. Nokia were suddenly history.

Our point is that it just takes one, very user friendly and brilliant feature to be the winner. And the new flexible screen technology has that hallmark written all over it. If Apple is smart, and we think they are, the next new release will include and iFold.

E-waste and smartphone repair

As the testing process shows, these hybrid smartphone and tablet devices are indistructable. That could mean one of two things from the environmental perspective.

The first is that the device will have longevity – on the face of it a good option. The second is that the the next gen mentality will require satisfying. That means regular upgrades – and software upgrades that will make each slightly aging device obsolete within a short time frame.

The answer of course is recycling and upgrading. Ensuring such device software can be updated for as long a period as possible helps to reduce e-waste. The next stage is to make sure the virtually indestructible components can resued and recycled without environental impact.

Sadly, the agenda of the tech industry is geared strictly towards profit and advance. Sustainability is not yet a big buzzword on their radars.

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