FOUR REASONS WHY you should repair your iPhone

FOUR REASONS WHY you should repair your iPhone

Four reasons why you should repair your iPhone: We all love a new smartphone. Let’s face it. It’s exciting to go and select your new model, check out all the new features and enjoy an upgraded service. It’s especially fun if you are moving from an old handset – say and iPhone 5 or 6, to an iPhone X.

However, there are times when buying more phones and keeping up with the upgrades really isn’t necessary. Equally, by taking part in the next-gen trendsetting, you could actually be hurting a lot more than just your wallet.

1# Recycle, re-use, repair

These aren’t just buzzwords. They are practices we all need to start doing in order to protect the health of our planet. Unfortunately, tech giants like Apple and Samsung produce iPhones and smartphones to be used as disposable products. Essentially, for tech heads anyway, they are out of date within two years. Users want the latest features – and who can blame them?. But did you know that even if you recycle your old phone, the energy required to create each new handset, is equal to you running your old phone constantly, for 10 whole years. This is because building new phones requires mining for the raw materials used in their components. Even if you keep your iPhone for three years instead of two – it will make a significant difference on the amounts of resources required to build new phones.

2# Tech giants are out to profit from you

Tech giants don’t want you to repair your iPhones or smartphone devices. The reason why new iPhones and smartphones are brought out each year amounts to one thing only: profit. In order to keep making billions of dollars annually, Apple and Samsung – and all the other smartphone makers, need to keep users upgrading so that they can keep turning a profit.  Your new smartphone might be a little faster and have a larger display than your previous iPhone, but has it really made a huge impact on your life quality? If push came to shove, could you have used it for another year instead of upgrading yet again? Think about it. The production of iPhones and smartphones is bad for the environment and bad for your pocket. The only people it’s good for are those making them. It makes sense to keep your phone going a little longer, not only to prevent more wasted components, but to encourage tech companies to behave in a less sell-hard, environmentally unfriendly manner too.

3# The bigger the iPhone display, the bigger the carbon footprint

iPhone screens have got bigger and bigger, with Samsung setting the trend and iPhone now well in the loop with the launch of the iPhone X, iPhone XS and XR. With bigger displays, come bigger batteries, larger handsets, cases and so on. And reports suggest that less than 1% of iPhones are actually truly recycled. The phrase coined to describe the waste caused by discarded electronics, is e-waste. Some studies estimate that 20 million tons of e-waste is produced every year in the US alone. True, that waste includes old TV’s, laptops, computers etc. But the waste caused by smartphone components is often more difficult to recycle and dispose of safely. This is because they contain battery parts filled with substances like lithium, lead, arsenic and mercury.  These chemicals can potentially leach into ground water supplies and cause all sorts of havoc.

4# Upcycling and repairing your iPhone is a social responsibility

Did you know that since 2007, a staggering 7 billion smartphones have been produced? As a tech repair service company, it makes sense for us at Acefast to toot our own horn. However, we do firmly believe in making ethical decisions when it comes to managing your technology. It’s not just smartphones and iPhones that are problematic, but all kinds of computer waste. We work hard to upgrade laptops, games consoles and PCs as well as Macs, so that they can give users an extra couple (if not more) years of life. As a society, we have become very fond of buying new instead of repairing what we already have. It’s having a massive impact on our environment. This in turn, will affect the quality of life our children have. So, making sure they understand the importance of sustainability, and reusing and re-purposing what we have, is incredibly important.


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