Gadget Water Damage Repair Service

We can repair your water damaged gadget

Gadget Water Damage Repair Experts

We have over 10 years experience dealing with gadget water damage repair for residential customers, businesses and the local police.

Long Term Solution To Water Damage

Water damage repair if done correctly provides a long term solution by taking care of corrosion damage that can emerge over time due to water residue on the components. We use methods perfected over our many years of experience to provide a proper long term solution to water damage.

iPhone water Damage Repair Service

iPhone water damage repair services are available through Acefast Computers Ipswich. We repair everything from an iPhone that has taken a trip in the sea on holiday to a full run through the washing machine in a pocket. Our iPhone water damage repair service offers a longterm solution using our many years experience retrieving data for customers, businesses and the local police. iPhone water damage repair is a specialist repair service and not to be attempted by anyone less than experienced iPhone water damage repair experts like ourselves.

iPad water Damage Repair Service

iPad Water damage repair services from Acefast Computers are a data recovery and fix solution that deliver a long term fix to the issues presented by water saturating through the casing and onto the board. While it’s possible to turn on an iPad by letting it dry this leaves what is the largest problem. Water residue left on the board that corrodes the components over time. Our iPad water damage repair service deals with this issue to deliver a longterm solution. Our priority is first and foremost data and then a repair.

PC Water Damage Repair Service

Laptops and desktop PCs arent the first machines usually associated with gadget water repair services but as a company we do see them and size isn’t unfortunately any level of protection against water. While the components on a desktop are consolidated and relatively easy to replace in order to preserve the data, laptops do pose larger but surmountable problems similar to that of mobile phones. Small components, limited space to work and micrsoldering fixes. Whether it’s a desktop PC or laptop we can fix its water damage repair.

Apple Water Damage Repair Service

Apple Mac water damage repair services offered by Acefast Computers are a combination of our gadget water repair and data recovery expertise used by the local police and our vast experience with Apple Macs. We excel in both areas and approach each model with different methods due to Apples ever evolving approach to build. Apple Mac water damage repair services provide a long term solution through our tried, tested and experience backed methods of water damage repair.

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