Games console repair tips from the experts

Games console repair Ipswich: It’s fair to say that a well-used games console will see a lot of play time in it’s lifetime. And as a result, some components of these consoles can get broken. There are a number of common console repairs that we carry out on a regular basis. But did you know that there are ways to fix some irritating fails without heading to the repair shop? Here are the top games console repair issues – and a few tips on how to fix them.

Xbox One games console repair

Did you know that the top Xbox One repair involves the Kinect motion sensor? Yes. That’s right. Despite the fact that handsets are the items that get the real pounding, it’s this particular glitch that we see the most. Unfortunately, this glitch is a manufacturers problem. Your Kinect will most likely need a professional repair involving a new sensor fitting. However, Microsoft has officially discontinued the Kinect – so you would be looking at purchasing second hand parts to repair your sensor – ir you can buy a replacement second hand sensor in its entirety for not too much money. In terms of handsets, this is a usage problem. The trigger buttons on the front of the controller get extreme usage – especially when gaming sessions last several hours at a time. Although they are designed to take a lot of wear and tear, after a while, the parts do wear out.

When your controller experiences these problems, don’t set it to one side and buy a new one. Xbox controllers are an expensive item to replace – especially the wireless controllers. Search online for ‘games console repair near me’ and you should immediately be directed to local games console repair services that can help with your Xbox controller repair.  Very often all it takes is a new trigger button replacement and you’ll be back to fast gaming in no time at all.

Xbox and PlayStation shut-downs

Unexpected shutdowns are undoubtedly one of the most frustrating fails a games console can start making. Unfortunately, these happen quite regularly with Xbox One and PlayStation consoles. The reasons are hardware related – and PlayStations experience this annoying problem more frequently than Xboxes. However, there are a few steps you can take to see if it’s more of a software issue – in which case it’s cheaper to fix.

Here are some solutions to try should your console experience game freezing, audio issues, voice recognition failures and unexpected shutdowns.

When in doubt, reboot the console

This is the obvious solution. When your PC or laptops experience glitches, you automatically reach for the reboot. Well, it’s the same with your games console too. Essentially, your console is a gaming focused hard drive that runs with a big graphics card and RAM. Sometimes, if you’ve had a lot of gameplay, it gets a bit clogged up. A reboot can reset the system and allow you to continue play, without heaps of glitches.

Update your games console operating system

Like a computer, PlayStation and Xbox are always brining out software updates that improve the functionality of their consoles and improve the game player experience. Make sure you accept the updates as the notifications come through. Yes, it can be annoying – but it’s far more irritating when your gaming becomes glitchy because you have several updates pending. And then of course, you have to allow for the updates and let the console catch up, which can take a bit of time if you’ve left it awhile.

Check your games console cables

It seems an obvious one – but you’d be surprised how many people think their console has gone kaput, and it’s simply a cable that needs replacing. If all your cables are correctly fitted, try using duplicate cables and check if any have been damaged. Like phone charger cables, sometimes they can break inside, rendering them highly inefficient.

Don’t let your games console overheat

Gamers – especially younger ones, can get so carries away with the experience, that they forget to take care of the games console. An overheating console won’t operate efficiently. In fact, you can actually burn out components if you accidentally cover vents or allow the box to get too hot. And, the software will play up if the heat is too high, also resulting in unexpected shutdowns and glitches.

Don’t buy the newest games console as soon as it comes out

Exercise some patience. We know it’s difficult. But the newer a model is, the more likely it is to have a few teething issues. Subsequent models have had those problems ironed out. So, wait and buy a console, not too long  before the next upgrade comes out. Not only will you get an absolutely fantastic version, but it will be much cheaper – and the games will come down in price too. Don’t forget that the very best games maintain their popularity – sometimes for over a decade. So you won’t miss out on excellent gameplay, since versions exist that work for many different models.

Acefast Services Games Console Repair Ipswich

We can service and repair all your damaged gaming components. And if we can;t fix it, we can order you the correct replacement parts. We also buy and sell second hand games consoles. Contact us today. 


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