Has the iPhone got too small for the tech?

Has the iPhone got too small for the tech?


Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone jack caused consternation among it’s more traditional customers. After all, Bluetooth headphones, while gaining inpopularity all the time have not yet swamped the market place.

But the removal of the headphone jack is indicative of the design challenges faced by the tech giant, as Apple attempts to go where no smartphone device has gone before.

CNBC recently reported that the iPhone headphone jack is simply the beginning, and that iPhones are not just getting bigger to accommodate the phablet trend started by Samsung. Instead, the tech now required to lead the way industrially speaking, simply requires more space.

No room on the iPhone handset

The virtual Home button was a surprise when the iPhone X was launched in 2017. The Apple wireless charger is due to be released later this year – and as much of the iPhone exterior is being claimed back as possible to include better features.

New iPhone features

The new wall-to-wall screen on the iPhone X is only slightly interrupted by the notch which houses the sensor for Face ID, the camera and the ear-piece speaker. While the nitch has been unpopular un the Asian market, Apple say it’s here to stay as part of the new iPhone x and future iPhone X designs. Indeed, the iPhone notch will soon be incorporated into the iPad and other Apple gadgets.

iPhone tech rumours

Rumour has it that the hardware will simply shrink so that Apple gadgets and iPhone will continue to be designed with increasingly less obtrusive cameras and sensors. Design discussions for future iPhones includes curved MicroLED screens that will be fully air-gesture functional. Motion sensors embedded in the screens would reduce the need for hardware space and the screens could become 100% expansive. Naturally, this news has rocked Samsung, because Apple will be developing their own screen displays, whereas currently Samsung produces OLED screens for Apple and iPhones.

What to expect from iPhone

In 2018, screens have already increased in size, and this isn’t a trend that’s going anywhere. Iphone has consistently increased it’s iPhone displays to keep in line with the trend set by Samsung – and the need to more space to include the latest features.

One of the biggest innovations being hinted at though, are foldable screens – something that Samsung is currently working on. So battle of the displays is far from over. Whatever tech is developed, one thing is for sure. The smartphone repair industry will have to keep itself fully up to date with the latest repairable tech – whether it be iPhone or Samsung.



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