FIVE tips: How to pick the perfect smartphone case

iPhone repair service Ipswich: Smartphones are expensive. Even basic models can knock a £200 size hole in your pocket. And the iPhone X and iPhone 11 have both been priced at over £800 new. So, even if you’ve bought your smartphone from the less luxurious end of the market, it pays to protect the device from damage.

You might, for example, decide to upgrade your iPhone or smartphone in a few months’ time, and the better condition it’s in, the better price you’ll get for it as a part exchange or second-hand sell.

There are several factors to consider when choosing your new smartphone or iPhone protective case. Read on for our advice on the pros and cons of current mobile phone cases.


  1. Read the reviews

Other people’s opinions on the functionality of your smartphone case matter. Why? Because it’s user experience and reviews will often reveal the shortcomings of the smartphone case design. For example, does the power button and volume adjuster work properly? Is it as resilient and protective as the advertising claims? You’ll soon find out through previous customer comments


  1. Make sure your case fits the phone design well

It may seem obvious to check this, but very often, smartphone cases are bought online and as they are low ticket items, even if they don’t fit that well, they are not always returned. It’s always better to actually try the phone case in person if you can. Things like the charger port working properly, could be the difference between protecting your iPhone or smartphone device, and causing an expensive repair. Look at it this way. If your charging port doesn’t fit properly, the portal might end up being damaged through the plug fitting badly or being forced into the port.


  1. Is the device case user-friendly?

This is especially applicable to iPad or tablet users. The case must protect the device, but it also needs to be functional and offer a range of options to the user. Does it offer a horizontal stand option? What kind of protection does it provide the screen with? Who is going to be using the device? If it’s used a lot by children, chances are you’ll need to make sure it’s not only robust, but difficult to remove from the device too. We’ve lost count of the number of iPads, iPhones and devices that come to us damaged because the child took it out of the case and then had an accident with it.


  1. Shop around for your device case

Just because something is from the manufacturer website, doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the best deal for it. Shop around online until you find the best price. Equally though, if you’ve tried out a premium brand case in a shop, and then are seeking a cheaper version online, don’t opt for something that looks the same, but is a different make. The reason for this is that images can be highly deceptive. You might well end up with a very second-rate case that doesn’t do the job at all. Go for the best case for the best price. Skimping on price when your iPhone, iPad or smartphone cost you several hundred pounds to begin with, is a false economy.

  1. What kind of protection does my device require?

Are you an extreme sports fanatic? What’s your level of activity when you are on the go with your phone? Perhaps you enjoy water sports and sailing. If so, something chic and sleek, with butter soft leather, probably isn’t your best bet. Think heavy duty waterproof. You may not like the look of it. But you know it makes sense. To be fair, a simple, unfortunate drop can smash a phone screen, as can sitting done with it in your back pocket. So be mindful of the way you treat your phone on a day to day basis. Heavy duty cases offer excellent protection. But they are also weighty, bulky and not particularly attractive. However, putting up with that, is better than putting up with a broken screen and paying out £200 for a new screen.

iPhone repair service Ipswich

We can advise you on the best smartphone case for your devices. But if you do suffer a mishap, we will make sure your smartphone device is repaired to the highest standard. From iPhone screen repairs and data recovery, to smartphone water damage and charge port repairs. Contact us today.

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