Should I Repair My Old Laptop?


Should I repair my old laptop?

As laptop repair specialists, there are only two answers to this – but many questions in between. Old laptops can hang around for years, mainly, because owners don’t know what to do with them.


Firstly, there is a concern about disposing safely of data on the hard drive.


Then there’s the question of cost. Laptop’s aren’t cheap, and if you’ve invested heavily in something, even if it’s old, there is a reluctance, quite rightly, to simply throw it away.


Thirdly, there might be very little wrong with it – and that’s another reason not to simply dispose of it. Perhaps it’s got very slow and you needed a faster machine. Or maybe a couple of keys have stopped working – but the rest is all functional. You may simply have decided to upgrade to a Mac – many people do if they require a more powerful computer for work purposes.


When is my laptop too old to repair?


If your laptop is more than five years old, you might want to consider selling it for parts rather than repairing it. But again, this is dependent on what needs to be fixed – and what you use your laptop for.


Very often, a simple reinstall can breathe new life into an old laptop. You can have more memory added too, which will improve efficiency. Reinstalling software is time consuming, and it’s definitely a job for the experts.


Likewise, keyboards with sticky keys are not difficult or too expensive to remedy. Sometimes the laptop keyboard simply needs a good clean. Or, the keyboard can be replaced at a reasonable cost – unless it’s backlit, which will make the job more costly.


Batteries and power packs can be ordered online too. But it’s often better if you allow the repair shop to do this for you. Buying laptop spare parts can be a confusing business and it’s very easy to order the wrong spec if you don’t know what you are looking for.


What alternatives are there to laptop repair?


It’s a shame to let a once-expensive piece of hardware like a laptop or notebook gather dust in a corner. You can often get good part exchange deals at outlets that recondition laptops.


They will pay you for your old machine – or you can off-set that cash against a newer laptop. We repair, recondition and sell most laptop models – even the older, slower ones can still be useful. For example, kids these days all need laptops, and there’s very little point in providing youngsters with expensive tech when disaster could easily befall it. Therefore, reconditioned, second hand laptops are an excellent option for parents. They are much less expensive than a brand new machine, and they provide kids with the kind of laptop power they need. Your old machine could easily be re-used in this way.


Laptop repair data recovery and more


But before you hand over your machine, it’s important to make sure you’ve backed up everything from your old hard drive, or, that your laptop repair people understand that this process still needs to be done.


Obviously, computer hard drives contain sensitive personal information – like banking details etc. You need to be sure that the expert service you receive handles that information correctly – and that it won’t be wiped without a back-up option, or worse, used. There is no guarantee for this.


But most respectable businesses would never compromise their reputation by using recovered data unscrupulously. If you are concerned about this, ask friends for recommendations for service providers they have used.


How much does laptop repair cost?


Ask your service provider for a quote on what needs fixing. If the repairs are going to cost more than a third of the price of a new laptop, you might be better off selling your old computer for parts, and buying a new laptop. But again, it all depends on your situation.


If your current laptop suits your needs and you don’t want a faster, better spec laptop, then even if the repairs are 50% of the price of a new laptop, you would probably be financially better off fixing rather than buying new. After all, we live in throw-away culture where re-using and repairing has become unpopular. But, but for so many reasons, it can be the very best thing to do.


We hope this article has helped address some of your questions when it comes to laptop repair. Just remember, you may well have a very usable item sitting un-used on a shelf, that could help you buy a new laptop, or could provide a young person with the tech they need for their school work and beyond.

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