iOS 11 Update New iPhone Emergency Mode Incoming

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Apple has introduced a brand new feature in its upcoming iOS 11 that furthers users ability disable their iPhone in the event of an emergency. When activated the Emergency SOS mode automatically calls the user’s next of kin or selected contacts and temporarily blocks Touch ID from working.

This new feature requires the user to enter their passcode in order to change the iPhone back to normal, which will prevent thieves from taking advantage of an injured or unconscious owner.

This mode is an option that appears when users press the lock button 5 times in iOS 11, Apple’s soon to be released (but available now in beta) mobile software. It is an additional mode underneath “Slide to power off” that is also joined by the new Medical ID, which holds the health information for the owner.

Apple is scheduled to release iOS 11 to the general public after the launch of the iPhone 8 and other next month. The new operating system is expected to ship with the iPhone 8, which most rumours suggest will be revealed on September 6.

The very best features of iOS 11, which is available in a trial beta form, include a new iPhone-to-iPhone Apple Pay function that lets users send money to one another with a text message, and a fully redesigned control centre. As many have noted, the OSX and iOS operating systems appear to be converging slowly so the new look is in accord with that.

Built for the iPhone 8, iOS 11 also has brand new augmented reality features, including map directions superimposed on real world images , and a new deeper Siri.

Another brilliant and overdue safety update is the new “Do not disturb while driving mode”, which can detect when an owner is operating a vehicle. It turns the iPhone screen black and stops calls and text messages. Users can now set it to reply with a note saying they are driving automatically.

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