iPhone 11 launch 2019

iPhone 11 launch 2019: iPhone’s bigger and better iPhone 11 already has the tech news wires hot with gossip. Apple gave users  a few teaser options at the end of 2018 with the launch of the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. But these tow models have done little to dull the excitement that was felt with the iPhone X launch.

Perhaps the iPhone 11 is about to change that around. We took a look at the rumours and the tech specs that are most likely to be found as part of the iPhone 11 package. Read on for the lowdown on what is billed to be the iPhone of 2019.

iPhone 11 launch Reverse Wireless Charging

English please! We all understand wireless charging – it’s super convenient and fast – and we’d expect nothing less from the latest iPhone. But what in tech’s name is reverse wireless charging?

In fact, it’s a rather amazing feature that enables your device to become a wireless charger. The vast majority of us rely on plug in wired chargers to give our smartphones juice. Reverse wireless charging devices will turn those phones into charging station for other wireless phones. Sounds impossible? Probably not, because we really have come to expect the impossible when it comes to our mobile devices. This is an amazing feature – but until now, it’s only been used a a few smartphone models – namely the Huawei Mate and the Samsung S10. The feature in these devices is a slow charge, mainly because the reverse wireless charge setting is an emergency feature, to be used when you really have no other option. However, iPhone always takes a new idea and does it better, so we are looking forward to the iPhone 11 offering on this perk.

An iPhone 11 camera set-up to beat all

Every new iPhone promises a camera set-up better than the previous breakthrough – but this time, the iPhone 11 will bring a few surprises for users. The next gen iPhone X and the newest sibling of the XS Max, will apparently have a triple lens camera on the back of the device. This will, according to leaks from Bloomberg, ‘capture a larger field of view and enable a wider range of zoom’. We’re looking forward to seeing the magic happen. With iPhone devices taking their video and camera technology to the next level with every new device, it’s an exciting prospect.A bigger iPhone battery

All this new tech requires an adequate power supply. As a result, the rumour mill suggests the new iPhone 11 will have a battery that is 25% bigger than the battery used for the iPhone X the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. The room has to made somewhere for the rest of the device. So it remains to be seen whether the iPhone 11 will be a chunkier version of the iPhone X. One thing is for sure. Space is at a definite premium for this latest Apple device. Engineers and designers must be pushed to their limits to create ever more complicated devices that require more power and larger displays than every before.

No folding iPhone 11 screen

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it seems unlikely that the iPhone 11 will appear with a foldable display. This latest tech is supremely impressive. But unless Apple sees an immediate need for this option, it’s unlikely it will be seen on an iPhone device in 2019. Remember iPhone were the slowest of all the tech companies to enlarge their devices – even thought the consumer consensus moved towards larger displays back in 2012. It wasn;t until 2015 – with the iPhone 8 launch, that Apple admitted bigger displays were indeed the trend.  It hasn’t held them back though.

iPhone 11 launch dates

But don’t hold your breath for this. The iPhone 11 launch is expected to happen no earlier than September 2019 – and could even be delayed until October. Apple will schedule the new release according to their usual annual conference date.

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