Is the new iPhone 11 Pro camera for pros?

iPhone 11 Pro camera: Apple made their bravest pitch yet this week, by targeting professional videographers and photographers to test their latest iPhone model cameras.

Apple believes the latest tech built into the new iPhone 11, has as yet unmet editing and lens quality in smartphones.

It’s a brave move, considering professional photography gear runs into several thousand pounds – just for a basic set up. But Apple announced they were sure their iPhone 11 was up to the task.

Pricing in at just $999 on the US market, it comes in at the same price point  as the very first iPhone X, launched in 2016.  According to Apple experts, the iPhone 11 Pro, as it’s named, has a three-lens professional camera set-up.

iPhone experts also claim the new phone camera features are less battery draining and have better audio quality than any iPhone to date.

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, says: “It enables a whole new level of photography. It’s the first phone we have called Pro.”

The news was greeted by many raised eyebrows fro the photography community, who understandably, are going to have a hard time believing that even Apple, with all their tech wisdom, will be hard pressed to fit a 600 or even 400 millimeter lens into a phone that fits in your pocket.

The iPhone 11 Pro camera explained

The main camera lens on the iPhone 11 Pro is 26MM. It also has an f/1.8 aperture. The 12 megapixel resolution capability produces a beautifully hi res and sharp image. The autofocus also ensures novice snappers always get a good result. Finally, there is image stabilization. This is exactly what you need to video – nobody likes to feel seasick while watching their own footage.

The wide-angle lens

The secondary lens in the iPhone 11 Pro, is the wide-angle camera. It’s got an impressive 0.5x, 120-degree range of view. The focal length is 13mm and the aperture is f/2.4. Again, the resolution is 12 megapixels – so you’ll get a good, crisp image. The wide angle lens is impressive because the range of view is double that which you’ll get from the main camera lens.

The zoom lens

The zoom lens is actually not so impressive. There are other smartphone cameras on the market with bigger zooms than 2x. In fact, x5 seems to be the top competitor range available – as seen in Huawei’s answer to the Pro camera phone.  The focal length is 56mm, the aperture is f/2.0 and again, which is essential with all zoom lenses, there is image stabilization.

Ultimately, while it’s impressive, it’s not that impressive when compared to other tech available.  What make the iPhone 11 really great though, is the editing software and the display clarity.

In our opinion, while we wouldn’t rely on the iPhone 11 Pro to fill in for a professional photoshoot, for images required for social media content and filler video, it definitely hits the mark and has a lot of great features.

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