Is it worth upgrading to an iPhone 11?

Is it worth upgrading to an iPhone 11? You’d have had to have been living in a cave for the past few months not to know that there is a brand new iPhone coming to the market. The iPhone 11 has already caused somewhat of a stir with some of the choices that they have made on the design and functionality (three cameras on the back anyone?)

The main question for iPhone users has to be whether or not it is actually worthwhile making the leap and upgrading to the iPhone 11?

What are the best features on the iPhone 11?

So, the first question has to be, what exactly are the new features that mean that the iPhone 11 is worth buying? The main plus point to this phone is that it is all about the camera. Apple have made sure that the cameras are top quality and this gives you the chance to take 12mega pixels on both the front and back cameras. There is also the ability to take slofies (slow-motion selfies) and also 4k video capture too.

The phone processor has improved. There is a bionic chip within it that Apple claims will have a 20% impact on the performance compared to the iPhone from last year. This chip may be faster and better. But, that doesn’t mean that it is going to drain the battery.  In fact, the battery life of the iPhone 11 is claimed to last up to 17 hours of video playback. And, when it does need charging, it has a fast-charge option to help you get back on your way.

Is the iPhone 11 worth it?

It is always nice to have a new phone. Stick with the status quo if you are happy with the iPhone or android phone. Rumour has it the iPhone 12 will have 5G capabilities. Although we’re not convinced about the 5G health implications, Apple marketing and telecommunications companies in general seem to be happy to ignore the potential threats in lieu of profit.

If your old iPhone is past its best and you are thinking about upgrading, why not find iPhone repair specialists like us? We might be able to refresh your old iPhone and have it performing like new. This means you won’t have to pay out for an upgrade.

If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 8, the difference is going to be much more obvious. The iPhone 11 is a considerably larger piece of kit. It’s thicker and the display is more extensive too. However, if you have an iPhone 8 Plus, then you’ll actually be downsizing. And, if the display size is more important to you that the triple lens camera, you’re better off sticking with your current model.

Upgrades and the iPhone 11

In fact, unless you are a true tech geek and you literally can’t wait to experience all the new features the  iPhone 11 has to offer, it’s probably not worth investing just yet. A word to the wise through. If you are currently using an iPhone 6 or 6S, get saving your pennies. With the latest iOS update (*iOS 14) due in September 2020, you have only 10 months left before many of your iPhone 6 apps no longer remain functional. Everyday apps such as Facebook and Instagram will suffer from operational issues.

In this case, saving up for an iPhone 11 is probably a good move. You’ll keep the device for a good five years or more. That’s always good news for the environment (less ewaste) and it’s good for us repair services too.

Alternatively, you could always look at buying a second hand iPhone 8 or 8 plus. They still have plenty of life left in them and are awesome devices.

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