iPhone 8 Rumours, iPhone 4S style build

Latest rumours suggest that the iPhone 8 will have a glass front and back surrounding and a steel frame centre frame.

Monday 9th January marked the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone. The iconic phone redefined the smartphone market and 10 years on it’s still the leader despite strong challenges to this title from Googles Pixel and the other Android manufacturers. While Samsung has been the nearest rival and in some estimates outsells Apple in units in part due to the larger range and diversity, they have been blighted in recent times by questionable quality which includes exploding Note Phablets.

iPhone 8 rumour have been many and varied but the latest does make sense. It’s alledged that manufacturers Foxconn and Jabil will and have begun to build the phone’s body with two reinforced glass panels on the front and rear of the smartphone. These will be held together with a steel frame just like the popular iPhone 4 and 4S which is still known as the toughest of the iPhone models even now.

From the iPhone 5 onwards the iPhone has used a single steel housing unit with a screen being the only glass outside of the camera window at the back. This will be a welcome return to a stronger unit after many problems with bending housing that started with the iPhone 5 and became far worse with the iPhone 6 which caused Apple to change the shape with an S model instead of just software updates.

The lukewarm reception to the iPhone 7 may have caused Apple to have a rethink on what its consumers valued in this day and age. The build quality of the iPhone 4 and 4S models still remains the best Apple has produced and if they are to look back for lessons to move forward then this is a good place to start.


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