How to make your iPhone battery last longer

iPhone battery life: One of the pitfalls of being an iPhone user, is unarguably, the battery life. Apple has struggled with the fact that their batteries are not as efficient as other smartphone devices. Samsung since it’s inception. For example, has an average battery life of two years or more.

And of course, the battery life of an iPhone is directly linked to how well the device can perform. This isn’t a problem with other smartphones. But of course, the iPhone battery scandal was big news, and meant that Apple could no longer pretend that their battery situation was just fine.

If you have a battery that’s beginning to fail, you need to act, and make sure you preserve your power supply so that you don’t lose access to your key iPhone features, before getting around to replacing that battery. Read on for our top three tips on iPhone battery life management.

Switch off your WiFi detector

If you are out of WiFi range and on the go, switch off the WiFi detector setting. This will save your iPhone battery life from constantly seeking a WiFi signal that could potentially be used. It’s much more efficient to rely on your data package because your battery won’t be being drained. You can also go into Airplane mode. Meanwhile, if you are at home, you can make your calls through your WiFi – believe it or not, this actually does save significant battery power.

If you’re out and about, turn off your phone’s WiFi service so it won’t constantly search for a signal. And if you’re at home, at work, or elsewhere where you can make calls via WiFi, turn off the cell service so it won’t trawl for a connection. And if need be, go into Airplane Mode (from the Control Center or Settings) and shut down both to save even more power.

Check your background apps to extend iPhone battery life

If you are running a lot of background apps on your iPhone, check how much battery they are draining, and turn off any you don’t require. Just like an Apple computer, background apps slow down the functionality of your device. So, not only will your iPhone be sluggish, it will also power down much faster. Again, this will have a significant impact on your iPhone battery life

Turn down your display brightness

Seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by how many users don’t even check this feature. Unless you are in super-bright daylight and can’t see your display, the brightness can be set at between 25-50% without any usage compromise. Don’t forget to switch down the brightness either, if you’ve had to boost it up. These little management changed could be the difference between you losing all iPhone power, and making it to your next charging point.

Getting a new iPhone battery

If your iPhone is out of warranty, there are several places where you can purchase a new iPhone battery. But be careful. The market is unfortunately flooded with exceedingly convincing Apple counterfeit components. It’s very easy to think you are getting a cheap deal on your battery, only for it to turn out a fake.

A counterfeit battery is quite a dangerous product. You don’t know what safety checks – if any, have been carried out on the product. You don’t know if this substandard piece could actually damage your iPhone. And ultimately, even if it does seem to work, it won’t be an Apple quality piece – so the longevity won’t be there.

Only ever buy from a reputable Apple dealer or repair service that can guarantee you on the genuine nature of the parts.

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