iPhone charging fault causing problems for users

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iPhone charging fault causing problems for users

iPhone charging fault causing problems for users: The honeymoon period is already over for the iPhone XS and XS MAX. According to reports, users are already complaining that the devices won’t charge up is they have been empty and uncharged for a period of time. Some devices will charge, if the display is turned on. However, frustration is running high, and no wonder, considering the price tag of Apple’s latest smartphone device.

Dubbed Chargegate, the scandal, for that is what it is being called, is the second big setback for iPhone users, who experienced problems with iOS updates and battery function in 2017.

So far, Apple has failed to comment, which means frustrated users are even more determined to get their voices heard, reports the BBC, Business Times and the Daily Express.. The most vocal appears to be a YouTube vlogger names Lewis Hilsenteger produced a video demonstrating the issue with the new iPhone handsets. In the video, he tests no less than nine iPhone devices on an Apple charger, and the only two that won’t charge are the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Hilsenteger admitted that he was only alerted to the problem via an email, and that he had been happily using his iPhone XS and XS MAX without any issues. He explains that he has been using wireless charging exclusively though, and that the problem occurs when lighting cables are used to charge the latest devices.


Hilsenteger, who has more than 12 million subscribers, says in the  eight- minute video, that the chargers and the lighting cables are not the issue, and that it appears to be a software issue when the iPnone XS Max and XS have a glitch and will only charge if the screen is out of sleep mode. However, the problem is inconsistent, with phones charging only for short periods of time before switching off, or not charging at all. The normal iPhone X charged without issue.

He says; “The ability to recharge your phone confidently – that’s like step one and is a key in the smartphone experience. And if these people aren’t getting a response, or a refund or some kind of solution, many of them who got a replacement and continue to experience the same thing, then it’s up to platforms like this one and people like us to escalate the situation so that it gets a better response.”

He added: “Responding to those people on a platform like this should bring light to it and hopefully some sort of software fix, if possible.This is my job. I have to call this stuff out. I have to hold these companies accountable.”

As the problem seems only to be limited to the charging cables, and not wireless charging, could this even be Apple’s way of encouraging users to move to the next level when it comes to powering up their devices? Without a response from the tech giant, it’s impossible to say for sure.

Have you had a problem with the charge facility on your iPhone XS or iPhone Max XS? Let us know if so.


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