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iPhone chief designer quits Apple: The chief designer for Apple, Sir Jonathon Ive, has announced his resignation from the world’s leading tech giant. Ive is credited for creating and streamlining the iconic iMac, iPod, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. He also spent 27 years working for the company.

Giant Apple bonuses

Holding the title of Chief Design Officer, or CDO, Ive gained recognition for his ground-breaking designs. They have pushed Apple to the forefront of tech styling. Indeed, so indispensable has Ive been to the Apple project, that he has also been paid bonuses of $30 million, hold $25 million worth of shares in Apple, and was estimated to have a personal fortune of approximately $130 million.

However, this is small change when you consider Tim Cook’s personal take home in 2018 – a whopping $120 million salary.

Striking out

Ive has reportedly decided to leave Apple to start his own design company – reportedly called LoveFrom. It welcomes Apple as it’s first client and is based in California. The move will open the door to more streamlined designs in the tech industry.

As moves go, it’s a good one – and a lifetime away from Ive’s humble routes. He grew up in London and studied design in Newcastle at the University of Northumbria. Initially, he was hired to work at a new company called Tangerine. After joining Apple, he then worked for almost three decades for the firm – and helped grow Apple into the massively recognisable brand it is today.

Futhermore, Tim Cook has described Ive’s contribution to Apple as; “His role in Apple’s revival cannot be overstated.”

Moving on from Apple

Meanwhile, Ive said of his move from Apple: “This just seems like a natural and gentle time to make this change.” He added, during an interview with the FT, “While I will not be an Apple employee, I will still be very involved — I hope for many, many years to come. This just seems like a natural and gentle time to make this change.”

So will we see a huge amount of change to Apple’s minimalist designs? We think not, because Ive will continue to work with the company on a range of new projects as his new company develops and grows, no doubt to stupendous proportions with Apple as his main client.

Furthermore, the iPhone 11 will be launched in September 2019. But watch this space, as such a move is never without it’s reverberations, positive or otherwise.

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