iPhone Keyboard Bug Stops “it” From Being Used

Ipswich iPhone users will be amongst those who are finding their iPhone won’t let them write one of the most commonly words in the English language.

After accidentally stopping people from writing ‘I’, Apple’s iPhone now won’t let some owners input ‘it’. This time around, it corrects it to I.T. every time someone tries to input that pronoun.

It’s not entirely clear from Apple why this is happening, or if it even related to the last time that Apple’s autocorrect went bonkers.

Ipswich iPhone users will have been among those reporting the problem and many are discussing it on the Macrumors forums, with that site as one of the first to report the annoying bug.

Last time, the issue apparently was caused by Apple’s autocorrect dictionary, which conflates commonly used words across all of its phones so that common mistakes can be sorted quickly.

This issue can be sorted by going into settings, selecting general, pressing reset and then the option to “reset keyboard dictionary”. This will mean that you’ll lose other autocorrect information. If you keep inputting a particular word and it’s decided that it’s not a mistake so keeps allowing it then you will no longer have that issue. If that doesn’t work, you can do a more direct fix. Go to the text replacement settings and add “it” as both the phrase as well as the shortcut, which will stop dead the autocorrect.