iPhone repair facts: Do I need new screen?

iPhone repair facts: It’s very frustrating when your phone needs to be repaired. Whether it’s been committing a long and slow death, or it suddenly meets with an accident, it’s always, massively inconvenient. We always suggest that those who are heavily reliant on their phones keep a spare handset that they can transfer their sim card to, when the worst happens. You can easily pick up a second had iPhone model for a reasonable price. However, when your iPhone does go wrong. Here are a few things to consider in terms of repair and cost.

Cracked iPhone screen

iPhone repair facts: It slipped out of your pocket, it fell on the floor, your partner accidentally trod on it – we’ve heard them all. A cracked screen is possibly one of the most annoying iPhone accidents to happen because you know it’s going to be expensive to repair. Your iPhone screen may not be badly cracked – and you might be considering limping on with it for a while. But here’s why you should get it repaired as soon as you can.

  • Using your phone when the screen is cracked will damage it further. The touch screen will be less responsive because of the damage – and that functionality will only get worse over time. You could in fact cause more damage to your iPhone by pressing on the broken screen.


  • Dirt, grease and moisture will get into your iPhone through the cracks. The more the inside of your phone becomes contaminated with foreign substances, the harder and more expensive your repair will become.


  • You can hurt yourself. It’s an obvious one, you would think. But you’ve be amazed how many people have not bothered to change their screens and then cut themselves on the glass fragments and splinters. This is a device that you use close to your face. It’s not a good idea to leave it in need of repair.


  • Reading from a broken screen can lead to headaches and eye strain. The fragmented effect of the broken screen is going to make your iPhone much less pleasant to use. If you like to read articles or watch movies on your device, get it fixed asap. Otherwise you’ll be reaching for the migraine meds.


iPhone Repair facts: battery replacement

Sometimes, an issue with your iPhone is fixed simply by replacing your battery. If you have an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or newer model, you can make use of the offers Apple has on these batteries – the apple store sells them for around £25. If your iPhone is a newer version, it’s going to be more expensive to replace. Here are the indications that your battery requires replacement.

  • Check your battery health on your phone. Simply go to Settings, and search for the Battery Health option. If you see a warning that your battery health is compromised, it’s time to replace the battery. However, this option is only available on iOS 3 models and later. So if your iPhone is old, you’ll have to check other ways.


  • Your iPhone feels sluggish and non-responsive. The battery charge doesn’t last long. It takes a long time to power up. All these elements are indications that your battery needs replacing. Make sure, when you do replace that battery, that you opt for a genuine Apple battery. All too often we see counterfeit batteries used, that cause even bigger issues and can even be dangerous.


  • Your iPhone is getting hot. This is a big sign that all is not well, and a problem with the power source is causing the CPU to overheat. Samsung’s are more susceptible to this problem that iPhones, but we still see it happening. If your phone is getting too hot, turn it off and let it cool down. Get is checked with an engineer too, because the last thing you want it a lithium battery explosion…



At Acefast Services we repair all iPhone models. We also repair computers, PC’s, games consoles and more. If you have a broken table or iPhone screen, call us today.

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