iPhone repair news: iOS 13 & apps

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iPhone repair news: iOS 13 and tracker apps


iPhone repair news: iOS 13 and tracker apps: Is your iPhone spying on you? Huawei is getting quite bashing just now. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past fortnight, you’d know that he Chinese tech giant has been blocked from Google on major Android apps. Those apps include gmail, Maps and Google Play.

But what if Huawei wasn’t the only company to be guilty of spying? Okay, when it comes to China, the greatest threat is with espionage. But spying is spying. Right? Nobody likes their personal business to be snooped on – or their details sent off to third parties without their consent.

Third party app trackers

But that is exactly the charge currently being held against Apple – and more specifically, their iPhone devices. Yes, third party iOS apps are apparently taking full advantage of the background app refresh feature and sending updates on users’ habits to data collection companies.

While Apple isn’t sanctioning this behavior, they aren’t doing much to stop it either. Surely, a company as big as Apple would have a stake in protecting the data of users? It seems this latest oversight is just one in a long stream of letdowns by the tech giant.

Currently, the apps most likely to collect your data as a user, are Spotify, Nike, The Washington posts own iOS app (seriously!) Citizen, Yelp and Microsoft OneDrive. The irony of this latest discovery is that in January, Apple placed a massive, building advert in Las Vegas stating – rather untruthfully – that ‘What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.’

iPhone repair news

While trackers are allowed to operate on third party apps, it’s certainly not the best selling point. And Apple certainly has a duty to users to protect their data. However, you can determine which apps are leaking your data by downloading yet another third party app (Disconnect Privacy Pro). You can also turn off the background app refresh in your setting menu.

So, while Apple isn’t directly spying on you, by default, it is allowing others to do so. Something must be done to stop this erosion of privacy. We will be watching this space with interest – especially now iOS 13 is due to be launched.




The next big news if of course, iOS13 being leaked. We’ve watched the videos and read the tweets – and it looks as though dark mode is going to be a rather cool addition to the iOS family. We’re not so sure which one works best yet, dark mode – or super-dark mode. But we’re pretty sure iPhone users will chip in with their two-techs worth very shortly.

iPhone facts about iOS 13


  • Some older iPhone models won’t be compatible with iOS 13. These are likely to include the iPhone 5s, the iPad mini 2 and the iPhone 6
  • iOS 13 will be officially announced at WWDC on 3 June 2019
  • However, the official release won’t happen until September, when the new iPhones
  • The iOS 13 design includes two dark mode settings
  • New features reportedly will include a swipe keyboard
  • IOS 13 will enable your iPad to operate as a Mac screen – super cool!


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