Apple restrict user iPhone repair service with new display warning

iPhone repair service: iPhone and Apple are in the stew, according to recent reports over the disastrous launch of iOS 13. The latest iOS update, which coincided with the annual Apple tech launch, has suffered from a series of failures. The biggest failure has been security, and despite a number of updates to address the problems, millions of iPhones have still been left vulnerable to data leaks.

Not only that, but vital plans were leaked regarding the 2020 redesign of iPhone. The leak came just at a time when Apple was attempting woo buyers with its latest models. The series of new devices released this month are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone repair service

A third whammy of bad news has literally just hit the press. It seems now that Apple has issued a warning that will potentially cause problems for its vast network of global users. Basically, Apple has issued a warning directive royally designed to annoy users. The directive, entitled ‘About Genuine iPhone Displays’ states that unless users have their devices repaired through an official Apple repair service, they could face serious financial compromise.

Naturally, the directive points to repair services that claim to use genuine Apple components when replacing parts. In fact, so incensed are Apple are at third party iPhone repair services, that they have even implemented the following software glitch. If you take your iPhone 11 to a third party repair service, and your iPhone then detects that, a warning will flash up on the display for the user. The warning will stay in place for a period of four days, inconveniencing the user, and placing the repair service in a difficult position.

iPhone repair options restricted

The message, according to a report in Forbes, will say: “Important Display Message. Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display. Learn more.”

However, even though the parts are genuine Apple components, the message will still infringe upon the user’s experience for a certain amount of time.

Of course, Apple argues that substandard Apple components damage their expensive tech. And they have a point. A fake Apple screen, for example, could cause any number of technical glitches and performance issues, including battery power, over heating CPUs, colour and more.

And some users might be happy with that directive, and genuinely believe Apple is out to protect its tech. But think about this for a moment. Imagine you are a user who has invested upwards of £1000 on the latest iPhone 11. Now imagine an unfortunate incident leads to a repair being necessary on your device. Now imagine that you know very well, there is a reputable iPhone repair establishment near you. You know that they use genuine Apple components. You have had several devices repaired there before.

Apple hits third party iPhone repair services

On top of that, their fee for repairing your device is not as high as the iStore. But, unless you want to risk an four-day period of an error message popping up on your display, pretty much rendering it useless for that amount of time, you will have to use the more inconvenient and expensive iStore instead.

This particular trick of Apple, against any third party repair service, essentially cuts down on user options. We know for a fact that the vast majority of third party Apple repair services always use genuine parts and show huge expertise in their abilities. In fact, this isn’t the first time Apple have tried to force competing repair services out of the market. This sort of sneaky behavior, dressed up as ‘protecting users’, happens almost every time a new Apple device is released.

Research your local iPhone repair services

So, if your iPhone 11 suffers a mishap and is no longer under warranty, what should you do? Nobody wants to pay inflated Apple repair prices (unless they have money to burn). Our advice would be to do your research Look up local iPhone repair business reviews. Call up iPhone repair services in your area and ask them directly about the screen glitch warning issued by Apple. If they are skilled technicians, which mostly, they are, they will let you know if they can help you.

In the meantime, enjoy your Apple iPhone. The latest models are fantastic – and we are particularly impressed with the iPhone 11 Pro. But be careful with your data and keep an eye on the tech headlines about the best ways to keep your device secure. Better still, contact one of our experts. They are always happy to advise on the latest tech news and security issues.

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