iPhone Reset Bug Fixed

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iPhones from all over the globe have been struck by a bug that sees them restart randomly

This problem is the latest in a bad week for Apple bugs, with one earlier this week that saw Mac computers broken into with just a few button presses.

This latest problem appears to have arrived due to a software update that was pushed to phones but when the datereached 2 December, they malfunction. The crashes makes it look like the phone was reloading itself for no reason. The issue has now been identified and appears to be fixed.

The tech giant has sent out a new version of its iOS mobile operating system that solves the issue and can be downloaded now by heading to Settings and selecting General where it is then possible to update the software.

Local notifications that are triggered on the phone, like timers reminders, rather than apps had an issue when this fatal date was arrived instead of apps.

The problem can be fixed either by turning off local notifications which is awkward or changing the date back to 1 December which is highly impractical.

Apple can be forgiven for these small issues and do have an excellent track record for jumping on problems quickly. When you’re leading the field and innovating constantly these issues are part of that evolutionary process.

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