Is the iPhone SE 2 is on its way?

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Is the iPhone SE 2 is on its way?


Is the iPhone SE 2 is on its way?: While most Apple headlines lately have focussed on two main topics – the battery scandal and the price tag and potential price tag of the iPhone X and X2, there’s a positive PR opportunity for Apple in the offing at last.

iPhone’s budget handset, the iPhone SE, has been a tremendous success, mainly because it’s packed a generous amount of awesome Apple tech into a phone that most people can actually afford. In fact, the iPhone SE has done more for Android to iOS conversions among users, than any other handset to date.

iPhone SE target audience

The great thing about it is that it enables lower budget users to enjoy the luxury tech that Apple offers, at a lower price, but without users having to opt for hopelessly out of date and therefore laggy phones.

Let’s face it, if all you can afford is an iPhone 5, the service is going to be distinctly second rate, because iOS has moves on, the the iPhone 5 now struggles to support that massively udated operating system sufficiently.

However, with the iPhone SE coming in at a very reasonable £110 (if you know where to look online) iOS suddenly becomes an affordable luxury for everyone. Those who had turned their backs on Apple due to the expense, were suddenly able to enjoy it without feeling guilty. The iPhone SE has subsequently taken the Asian markets by storm, where it’s big brother, the iPhone X, has not been received very well.

So, the introduction of the iPhone SE 2 is expected to be a boom for Apple when it’s released any time now. All the reports suggest it will hit the market in weeks, because leaks suggested customers would be queuing up for it in the first quarter of 2018.

suggest it will hit the market in weeks, because leaks suggested customers would be queuing up for it in the first quarter of 2018.

What will the iPhone SE 2 feature?

So what is it about the iPhone SE 2 that’s got everyone so excited? Well, if the rumors are correct, it will feature an A11 Bionic CPU – just like those on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

A price forecast also suggests that is will hit the £350 mark in terms of pricing so that it’s hitting the same target audience as the SE when it was first launched in 2016.

So far no images have been released or leaked for the iPhone SE 2- but a rendering by designer Martin Hajek suggests it will be similar to the current SE, but it will feature a camera bump and wireless charging. Of course, one of the things many users love about the SE is that it still features a headphone jack. This design point may be eliminated in the SE 2 – and we’re not so sure it’s a wise move by Apple, as removing the jack has led to consternation and criticism among users.

When will the iPhone SE 2 be released?

So, the burning question is still; ‘when will it be released?’ Users expected the iPhone SE 2 to be launched at the new product conference in March 2018. But that date came and went, and there was not further news of the SE 2. Now it looks likely that a September launch will happen – although, there may be a surprise announcement from Apple that is imminent. What we do know is that interest in the SE 2 has almost surpassed interest in the iPhone X plus, which will definitely be launched in September 2018. All we can say is, watch this space.

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