iPhone story: FOUR Steve Jobs facts

iPhone story: four Steve Jobs facts: Steve Jobs has almost passed into legend. The iconic genius and father of the iPhone has changed the way our planet communicates forever. His vision and determination is often seen as both destructive and terrifyingly prophetic.

A difficult man to work with according to many – but without him, Apple would have folded in the early 90’s without a trace. And his legacy – the iPhone – will live on into the future.

Here are four crazy facts you never knew about Steve Jobs


iPhone story fact 1

He was into Buddhism in a big way. Steve Jobs went on a trip to India when he was a teenager and the trip left him with lasting impressions and life philosophy that barely changed throughout his adult life. He gave up eating meat and existed on a diet of fish and vegetables until he died in 2009 from pancreatic cancer. His dietary staples were nuts, fruits, seeds, vegetables and grains. Sadly, his healthy diet didn’t seem to help prevent his terminal illness.


iPhone story fact 2

He left Apple in 1984 after a huge bust-up with his board of directors. Jobs had a tenacious and determined attitude and wanted the company to follow his ideals. The board had a different approach. He and John Lasseter left and started up Pixar – another massively successful company, which Jobs sold to Disney for multiple millions two decades later. At this point, Apple was on its knees financially and needed a serious reboot. On the brink of liquidation Jobs returned in 1997 as the CEO. He brought with him the iMac and saved the day. He was also quoted as saying the period he spent away from Apple was a blessing. Because he had never been more creative or motivated to succeed.


iPhone story fact 3

Jobs dropped out of college and attended higher education officially for just 18 months. He was also an accomplished calligrapher – a skill which led him to design the very first Apple logo with some rather sweeping script and an image of Sir Issacs Newton sitting under an apple tree. Not exactly snappy.


iPhone Story fact 4

He was adopted – and didn’t meet his biological father until he was in his 30s. His father owned a restaurant in California, and years before they actually met, jobs had been served by his own father without knowing, when he went to the restaurant to eat.  He met his biological sister when he was 27 years old.


iPhone Story Fact 4

He invented a computer called the Lisa – before he invented the iMac. He claimed the word Lisa was an acronym for the operating system he’d developed. But he later admitted the computer, which never took off, was named after his illegitimate daughter Lisa, who he fathered with his high school sweetheart. Not long afterwards, Jobs came up with the concept for the first iPhone. He changed the fact of telecommunications as we knew them.


iPhone Story fact 4

Jobs liked simplicity. He wore a daily uniform of a black polo-neck sweater and jeans every day for years. It became known as his work attire. It’s estimated he owned over 100 pairs of Levis. He also traded in his car every six months for a new vehicle to avoid registration regulations. He liked to drive a car with no plates, and legally this was the only way he could achieve it.

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