iPhone tech brain implants: Is tech mind control on the way?

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iPhone tech brain implants: The world of sci-fi often mirrors the advances in tech just a few years down the line. However, while most people would consider a Black Mirror-esque style of brain implant a good few decades away, mad scientist Elon Musk has already developed a proto-type.

Furthermore, the tech giant he’s teamed up with on the project is none other than Apple. And the device is, you’ve guessed it; the iPhone.

Mad Science

Eccentric Musk, who is already world famous for developing Tesla cars and non-fuel cell, re-landable space rockets, has now been working on a tiny implant that can be fitted to the human skull. Harnessing brainwaves, the brain implants then transmits signals to a minute chip worn behind the ear. The chip, according to reports, can then communicate with in-development iPhone tech. Ultimately, the goal, which isn’t far off, will allow users to use their mobile phone without having to touch them.

The subject is clearly trending. Recent episodes of Black Mirror featured forms of technical mind control. This story line was used in several episodes with grisly results.

iPhone tech brain implants

The development of the project, which is currently names Nuerolink, will be a breakthrough in neurological and brain wave tech. Such equipment, if it becomes available to consumers, could transform the lives of people living with extreme disabilities.

However, critics of the iPhone tech brain implants project have warned that such developments in harnessing brainwaves, could also lead to humans having their thoughts and memories monitored and stored on cloud. This could lead to massive privacy infringements – and even open the possibility of mind control and brain washing.

Not far away

Recent reports suggest that the latest tests of the tech have yielded outstanding results. The legal and health ramifications of using such tech that is integrated with the human brain are yet to be discovered. But one thing is for certain. The tech developed from the project will enter the consumer domain. Apple will ensure this. Their hallmarks are technical breakthroughs

5G is on the way

The very first 5G capable iPhone will be rolled out in 2020. The iPhone 10X will be the first Apple device to offer this super-fast download capability.

This is despite that fact that very few independent reports regarding human safety and health have been carried out. While 5G infrastructure globally is a way off, South Korea has already started populating some communities with transmitters. These test zones are being used to assess the capabilities of 5G – which will have a 500% higher upload and download speed than 4g.

However, with this speed, comes possible health consequences to communities using the tech. The short signals of 5G require extensive networks of antennae. These waves cannot penetrate walls, and obstacles such as trees and buildings block the signals.

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