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iPhone update: If you’ve only just ensured that your iPhone is updated to 12.4.1, don’t get too comfortable. That’s because iOS 13 will be launched around September 10th.

The latest operating system update for iPhones by Apple, also looks set to have some pretty cool features. These will, according to the tech giant, improve user experiences considerably.

The latest update will coincide with the annual Apple tech launch on September 10th.  This is traditionally followed by the latest iOS update. So, we expect the iOS 13 update to happen on September 17th.

iPhone update features

Dark mode will be the most obvious update feature. This is where you can change the format of your device display to ‘dark mode’. Dark mode is a completely cosmetic option – but nonetheless, we can see it trending already. Some apps already allow iPhones to have a dark mode feature.

The dark mode settings will also effect the way your favourite apps look too. However, it’s not actually our top iOS 13 feature.

We are most excited about the changes to the Photos app. This will give you more advanced features on photo editing. It will generally improve your photo browsing and taking experience with your iPhone. Additionally, this update coincides with the launch of the iPhone 11. According to leaked reports, the iPhone 11 has a ground-breaking camera set-up that will change the face of phone camera design as other brands follow iPhone’s lead. Video is also greatly improved on the next gen iPhone 11. Some sources claim these iPhone updates have created a camera set-up that rivals standalone pro cameras.

QuickPaths was launched earlier this year too. It becomes fully available to users through the latest iPhone update.QuickPaths improves the message writing system that allows users to type one handed.

Better power and a faster iPhone Update

But perhaps the most exciting feature of iOS 13 will be the efficiency of your device. This latest update promises to not only speed up your CPU and device interface, but also save battery power and increase charging time too. That’s got to be great news for any iphone user.

you won’t be able to harness the magical powers of iOS 13 if your device is an oldie – iPhone 6 or older – . Your hardware simply isn’t up to the task. The only solution to this problem (if you can’t live without dark mode and a faster phone)  is to invest in a new iPhone. But make sure you investigate the second hand market, as with the annual launch upcoming, the price of truly excellent iPhone models such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or even an iPhone X, which have come down in price considereably on the second hand market.

Acefast Services iPhone experts

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