iPhone updates: Apple fixes major security breach

iPhone updates:

iPhone updates news: iPhone users have been advised to update their iOS to the new 12.4.1. The news comes after the tech giant was criticized for failing to act on a security breach for users following the latest iOS developments.

The latest update prevents what Apple describes as a ‘malicious application’ from allowing bogus apps and hacking websites from stealing data from iPhones.

The breach, which was originally fixed in May 2019, has left users perplexed. Because it re-emerged following another iOS update in June – just a month later. iPhone user’s phones were vulnerable to attack once again. However, the latest development, Apple insists, will nip the issue in the bud and keep iPhone user’s devices safe from breaches.

New iPhone security measures

Apple has also stated the updated iOS 12 .4.1 will enable the tech giant to introduce it’s own security measures additionally. IPhones were at risk of ‘jailbreaking’ – where all restrictions on apps are removed. . There are no other features for 12.4.1 other than the security fix. So users can upgrade, but won’t notice any other performance changes.

Pwd20Wnd discovered the bug last week. Apple has released new updates to iOS applications and devices as a result.

If you’d like to know how to update your iPhone, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select the Software update option

And your phone will run the update. Most iPhones update automatically too, so it’s possible your iPhone is already functioning with the latest update.

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