iPhone updates: iOS 13 speed boost

iPhone updates: iOS 13 speed boost. Is your iPhone slightly sluggish? Does everything feel just a little bit mashed potato when you’re scrolling through apps? Well, patience is a virtue. And Apple has just given a whole pile of past generation iPhones a boost with iOS 13.

The latest iPhone update includes a feature that will super-charge your older iPhone. And we’re not just talking from the iPhone 8 onwards either. Any iPhone from the iPhone 6 and up will be iOS 13 compatible. Unfortunately, that does leave iPhone 5 users out in the cold. They will have to stick to iOS 12 because that’s the limitation on their phone model. But everyone else can enjoy the latest operating system update from Apple.

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Speed boost for iPhones

For users, this new feature will see an instant speed boost for your app use and iPhone performance. Developers estimate that some models will even be twice as fast as they were with iOS 12. There will also be other performance boosts.

The update will include Dark Mode and a feature called Swipe-to-type text, which will apparently make texting even faster.

Another favourite feature of ours is the space-saver elements. As iPhone technicians, we are always being asked to optimize iPhones so that they run faster. One of the problems is the size of essential apps such as Apple’s App Store. With iOS 13, we will see App Store shrink to 50% of it’s usual usage size. This streamlining of apps will result in iPhones working much faster.

Security is another issue we are always concerned about – and working with. iPhone has had Facial ID for a while now, but it’s not been the fastest – or in some cases, even the most accurate of apps. Now however, iOS 13 has tightened up the loopholes. Facial I.D will also work an average 30% faster.

And for iPhones with Face ID, you can expect the facial recognition unlocking system to work up to 30% faster.

iPhone updates iOS 13

But how do you get this operating system working on your iPhone? Well, it you don’t feel entirely confident about fiddling with the operational settings on your iPhone, we can certainly help. A certified iPhone technician will have your iOS upgrade zipping along in no time. However, if you feel technically qualified to have a go, here are a few steps you can take.

iOS beta for iPhones

Currently you can try out the beta version of iOS 13 later this month. Simply register your Apple I.D. on the main Apple Beta webpage. Next, ‘Enrol’ your device on the Beta version. After that, you can opt to update your iOS in the Settings section of your iPhone.

However, don’t expect perfection with this iPhone update. Beta versions exist to knock out any gremlins before the official public launch. The launch of iOS 13 will be in September. Although you’ll be able to experience Dark Mode and quite a few other intriguing new features, and your iPhone will be faster, there will probably be a few issues you hadn’t anticipated.

Either way, a treat is in store for iPhone users. iOS 13 will bring some treats to the table for all iPhone users. However, if you are an iPhone 5 user, don’t be left out in the cold. You can trade in your iPhone 5 for an iPhone 6 model for very little additional finance. And then you can experience iOS 13 for yourselves.

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