The iPhone X notch is catching on

The iPhone X notch is catching on


The iPhone X notch is catching on: The controversial iPhone notch, first seen in the iPhone X launched over a year ago, was received with mixed reviews.

In Asia particularly, the reception was cool because users didn’t like the way the iPhone X display design interfered with full screen viewing.

This issue has since been addressed, and it seems the notch is here to stay. It has become a hallmark of Apple’s unique next gen iPhone X design. Rumours from insiders also suggest it will be part of the design for the new iPhone SE 2.

Google’s new notch

So, despite the less than auspicious start, the iPhone X notch is now firmly embedded in the smartphone tech standard that has consistently been led by Apple. And now Android – and Google’s latest Pixel offering, is following suit and adding a notch to its new display design. In fact, the new Pixel 3 has an even deeper notch than the iPhone X. Despite criticisms from the Samsung camp regarding the unpopularity of the notch, this smartphone design seems to be moving from strength to strength.

The brand new Google Pixel 3 is set to have a deep notch in it’s 4GB RAM handset. The flagship Android phones will be the first to adopt the new iPhone notch design as a nod to superior design innovations from Apple. Due to be launched in less than three months (October 2018) the Pixel 3 will become a direct competitor of the new iPhone X’s – set be launched a month earlier.

iPhone will be releasing three new iPhone X models: An economy version with a 5.8 screen display, a mid-range version with a respectable 6.1 inch OLED screen, and of course, the super-duper high end luxury edition with a 6.5 inch display.

As well as this, iPhone will release their iPhone SE2 – which also, according to insiders, will have a notch.

Huawei’s P20 notch

Hot on the heels of Samsung and Google – in fact over taking them on this point right now, is Huawei’s P20 smartphone. With a very respectable Android operating system and tons of great features, including a knock-out front and back camera system, the P20 also has the iconic notch display.

Indeed, Huawei seems to understand that choice is everything when it comes to your smartphone, so if preferred, you can actually turn of your notch from from the display to ensure is doesn’t interfere with your viewing.

So, it seems that while Samsung rails against this new stylistic change, it’s become an inevitable feature in the ever increasing range of leading Android smartphones entering the marketplace.

What’s your opinion? Do you like the notch?

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