The iPhone X Plus will be launched in September 2018

The iPhone X Plus will be launched in September 2018

iPhone fans patiently awaiting news of the the launch date of the new iPhone X Plus, have been put out of their misery by the latest leaks from Apple.

According to industry insiders, the iPhone X Plus will be launched alongside two other handsets as part of a mega-reveal by the tech giant.

Customers champing at the bit to get their hands on the latest iPhone models will therefore be able to part with their cash as soon as September 2018.

It’s only been a day since the first images of the iPhone X Plus appeared on the internet, and now, all evidence is pointing to a launch in just six months, says Bloomberg.

Bloomberg tech news expert, Mark Gurman, says the new iPhone will be showcased with two other models – one that is the same size as a the iPhone X, and another, more affordable model, but all the iconic Apple specs.

The iPhone X will be the most intriguing of the set, because it will sport a 6.5 inch OLED screen, which will be as sharp as the iPhone X 5.8 display. The X Plus will also be available in gold – just to make it even more bling and boisterous.

The iPhone X Plus is going to be the biggest mainstream phone on the market – with the 6.5 inch display making it even larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apple are keen to appeal to the Asian market through the bigger screen. Gurman explains that devices with larger displays do well in these markets because many users are single device users – they don’t have multiple devices which is more common in the western market.

Screen display boom for Samsung

Although Apple and Samsung are, and alwya shave been perceived as rivals in terms of the smarthphone market, a boom for Apple with the iPhone X Plus, would also be beneficial to Samsung. This is because the South Korean company produce the OLED screens now so well favoured by Apple.

OLED displays are the most expensive component of any device, which means success would spell major profits for both Samsung and Apple.