Is the iPhone X soon to be extinct?

Is the iPhone X soon to be extinct?

Experts have revealed that the most recent and expensive iPhone to date, (the iPhone X) may soon be extinct as demand in China drops significantly.

The iPhone X is famously known for costing a whopping £999 at retail. And despite much hype prior to launch, had failed to attract enough custom in the increasingly competitive Chinese market.

The iPhone x handset will be the first iPhone device to go out of production without moving to a next generation version, in four years.  The iPhone 5C went off the production line in 2014. Production for the iPhone X could even be halted as soon as Spring 2018.

iPhone X screen too small

Experts have conclude that the design of the iPhone X display is mostly to blame for the lack of enthusiasm in the Chinese market. Apparently  customers prefer devices with even larger screens.

The screen indent contains the 3D filtering sensors and cameras that power Face ID. However, this cuts into the highest point of the display. Specialists say the absence of enthusiasm for this latest iPhone, is to a great extent because of the indent, which numerous potential Chinese clients trust evacuates excessively space on the screen.

Iphone X ‘Too costly’ for consumers

Other critics blame the high cost of the iPhone X – Apple’s most expensive handset yet – and its ‘absence of fascinating advancements’ which have hindered it’s sales in Asia.

As indicated by Sinolink Securities examiner Zhang Bin, shipments could be as low as 35 million in the principal quarter of this current year – approximately 10 million not exactly beforehand assessed.

However, Apple says it intends to deliver around 18 million of the iPhone X in the principal quarter of 2018, as per Apple KGI security expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

He predicts the iPhone X could be ‘end of life’ by the middle of this year, as opposed to being kept on as a less expensive alternative for the next year.

Social media interest on the Chinese platform Weibo discovered that there were just 4.97 million Weibo posts specifying the iPhone X so far in December contrasted with more than 11 million for the iPhone 6 in the equal time frame in 2014.

Apple’s profit margin on iPhone X is ‘Huge’

But perhaps the Asian market just isn’t impressed with the price mark ups. Apple admits it’s profit margins on every iPhone X are ‘Huge’. While handsets cost a mere $357 to produce, the UK retail price for an iPhone X is more than double that at an eye-watering £999. giving it a gross edge of 64 percent, as per the firm, which tears down innovation gadgets and dissects the parts inside.

A report from TechInsights found the iPhone X’s flashier parts cost Apple 25 percent more than the iPhone 8, yet that it retailed 43 percent higher.

iPhone X repairs available

iPhone X repairs don’t come cheap either, with their delicate screens costing repair experts a massive £300 to replace (that’s more than it cost Apple to manufacture the entire handset in the first place) But don’t blame the repair guy, because the iPhone X spare parts market, supplied directly from Apple, have been marked up significantly too.

Considering recent tumble tests showed that the iPhone X had one of the worst durability records when it comes to screen damage, it’s probably best current users invest in a sturdy case – and those still looking for their perfect handset, to wait until the next iPhone handset hits the market.