iPhone X sports the most breakable iPhone screen yet, say industry testers

 iPhone X sports the most breakable iPhone screen yet, say industry testers

 iPhone X sports the most breakable iPhone screen yet, say industry testers: The £999 iPhone X, is the most fragile iPhone available on the market, according to the results of the latest drop and tumble resistance tests.

While Apple’s claims of the iPhone X having “the most durable glass ever in a cellphone”, guarantee, SquareTrade, who were responsible for running recurring tumble and drop tests on the iPhone X, concluded after a series of six foot drops and tumbles,  that the top-end cellphone is the “most breakable, maximum-priced, maximum luxurious to repair iPhone ever”.

iPhone X drop test results

When dropped on to its facet from the six-foot height on to concrete, the glass of the display screen of the iPhone X survived.  However the display malfunctioned and the vital domestic swipe gesture could no longer be observed. Meanwhile, when dropped face down from the same distance, the display’s glass shattered, the screen malfunctioned and Face identification stopped operating. A third drop-test on the iPhone X, positioned so that the iPhone would fall on it’s back, revealed that the glass was prone to shattering.

iPhone X tumble checks

The iPhone X was then test-tumbled for 60 seconds in a timber rotating container resembling a large barrel. As in the drop test, the iPhone similarly shattered and splintered the back panel. The home swipe gesture and Face ID was also consistently disrupted and malfunctioned. However, It’s really worth noting that SquareTrade additionally deciphered that  Samsung’s Galaxy S8 screen glass was equally fragile, but that the display screen and capabilities persisted to work even with damaged glass.

Interestingly,  Cnet noticed comparable harm from a three-foot drop check, with glass breaking at the back and front on the iPhone X, but the display and other bits persisted to work. Others determined that the iPhone X fared a bit better than the bigger iPhone eight Plus in a few checks, specially across the lower back glass smashing.

More importantly, testers discovered that once the back plate of the iPhone X was shattered, the entire chassis of the iPhone then needed to be replaced – forcing up the cost of the repair massively.

All testers advocated immediately placing the £999 iPhone X in a drop-resistant case, especially given that the maintenance price is greater than any other iPhone, with screen restoration costing £287 and any other breakages costing more than £550 to replace.

iPhone X screen quality beats Samsung and all other iPhone models

But when push comes to shove – or a tumble, the Iphone X scored hands down in all categories when it came to screen quality and function.  That means streaming video and enjoying gamiling on this awesome iPhone handset, really is the very best experience you’ll get on a smart phone device.

DisplayMate, who checked the iPhone X’s screen – the first OLED display on an Apple phone, and made by Samsung, concluded that not only is it the first-class performing screen on an iPhone, also it beats the competition from Samsung’s personal smartphones too.

Dr Raymond M Soneira, president of DisplayMate technologies agency, stated in an interview with The Guardian: “based totally on our big lab exams and measurements, the iPhone X turns into the exceptional performing phone show that we have ever tested, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade. The iPhone X is an excellent show with close to textbook best calibration and performance.”

So whilst the iPhone X may be very steeply-priced and fragile, at the least it currently has the greatest screen display available on the market.

iPhone X damage prevention

The advice from Acefast Services iPhone and Mac Repair Ipswich? “IPhone X users should always invest in a super-sturdy protective case for their Iphones,” says James Langley, founder and director of Acefast.

“An iPhone can be destroyed in a split second, through water damage, being sat on or being dropped – all of which are very common breakages that we see every day. When you’re talking about next generation iPhone technology, the repairs are costly, mainly because the original iPhone components are so expensive to acquire.

He concludes: “Any doctor will tell you that prevention is always better than cure. We’re simply suggesting you follow the same philosophy with your latest iPhone acquisition.”