iPhone XL with 6.5 inch screen to launch autumn 2018

 iPhone XL with 6.5 inch screen to launch autumn 2018


iPhone XL with 6.5 inch screen to launch autumn 2018: Hot on Samsung’s and Android’s heels when it comes to bigger is better, the latest addition to the iPhone family looks set to have competitors getting insecure about their screen inches. The Apple iPhone XL will be revealed this September, and APPLE insiders brag that this iPhone gadget will have greatest ever screen size yet… an incredible 6.5 inches

Better streaming experience

News of the most recent iPhone addition comes only two months after the iPhone X was launched, which means Apple aficionados won’t have long to save up for their next generation version.

The 6.5 inch iPhone screen will allow for better gaming and movie streaming experiences – something iPhone fans have often lamented when comparing experiences with Android users.

As indicated by iPhone industry insiders, Apple will dispatch three new iPhone handsets before the year is out, notwithstanding its latest discharge, the iPhone X, being only two months old.

Apple’s has listened to public demand in recent years by increasing iPhone screen sizes from a paltry 4 inches to 5.5 inch screens. The iPhone 8 brags a 4.7inch screen, the iPhone 8 or more is 5.5inches and the OLED iPhone X has a 5.8inch screen.

Bad news for iPhone X fans

The new iPhone XL, which is set to hit the racks in September 2018, will highlight a whopping 6.5 inch screen – Apple’s biggest up until this point.

Reports in the Korea Herald recommend that LG Display will start shipping OLED boards for the new gadget in the autumn of 2018.

The iPhone X was just launched in November, and Apple is already making its next generation model, which means iPhone fans won’t have long to wait before they invest in the next iPhone up.

iPhone and Apple outsourcing componants

Samsung will remain the essential provider of OLED boards for the littler iPhone models while LG boards will be utilized for the iPhone XL,

Recently, claims made the rounds that Apple was paying LG £1.99 billion for its OLED creation lines to wind up plainly only committed to iPhone screens.

The new 6.5 inch screens will  prove a challenge in terms of pricing and iPhone repair, with iphone repair  experts using original iPhone replacement screens already costing customers when accidents happen.

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