iPhone XR slashes prices a month after launch

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iPhone XR slashes prices a month after launch


iPhone XR slashes prices a month after launch: Just a month ago, Apple launched the iPhone XR – the budget version of the iPhone X. The iPhone XR was an attempt by Apple to cornet the budget phone market. After the success of the iPhone SE, they looked certain to smash all profit records. But the market is a fickle place – and the iPhone XR has not lived up to expectations.

It’s not that the iPhone XR is a bad phone. It’s actually very good. It has all the major features of the iPhone X and XS Max – but with a smaller, LCD display and not quite so many bells and whistles.

The main slump in market interest comes from the Far East, with Apple component supplier, Japan Display, reducing its production of parts for the iPhone XR. The move has been a direct result of slow sales, even though Apple pinned hopes on the Far East market, using it as the soft launch destination for the new iPhone XR.

Is Huawei outselling iPhone?

The fall in sales and profits could also be in part due to the growing popularity of Huawei. The Chinese smartphone and electronics company has seen massive rises in profits over the past two years since turning around the company branding and production quality of its smartphones. Indeed, Huawei enjoyed claiming one of the market leader positions with the launch of the P-Smart – which has outsold the Google Pixel in many regions.

However, Apple claims the price slashing of the iPhone XR has nothing to do with the smartphone’s popularity, or strength of sales.

Indeed, a spokesperson for Apple has stated that the iPhone XR forecast is still that this budget model will outsell, and it outselling, the highly popular iPhone XS and XS Max. The source quoted: 2it has been the most popular and bestselling Apple model since it’s debut.”.

Analysts were initially bullish on the XR, with respected  analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities predicting that it will eventually outsell the iPhone XS models.

More recently, however, unnamed sources from companies that supply components for Apple’s handsets have warned that they expect a slowdown in iPhone XR shipments in the first quarter of 2019. And the Wall Street Journal reported being told by another unnamed source that Apple has reduced orders for both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

iPhone XR predictions wrong?

Could it be that market naysayers are making predictions that will, in just a short item, be proven incorrect? Many critics of the iPhone X believed that at it’s launch, the iPhone X would fail due to the inflated price tag. However, the iPhone X has gone on to become Apple’s most successful selling handset to date.

But what does all this mean for the iPhone user? Well, one of the best things is that you can now pick up an iPhone XR for a mere £350 after it’s 40% price slash. And, to be fair, it is a truly excellent phone to opt for.

While it lacks the gleaming, luxurious visage of the uber-flash iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPHone X Max, it does boast some phenomenal features for the price, as well as a good-sized display – and of course, Apple tech, which is never to be sniffed at.

Smart marketing for the iPhone XR?

Our opinion? If there’s an Apple fan in your life who’s in need of the new smartphone, put the iPhone XR on their Christmas wishlist. It could be that Apple have actually done the smartest thing possible at the biggest retail spend of the year. They have slashed the price of one of their top phones – and managed to make that news an international headliner.

We predict sales will explode over the next three weeks. So, if you are after and iPhone XR, get your orders into Santa fast.

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