The iPhone XR will overtake all iPhone sales, predict experts

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 The iPhone XR will overtake all iPhone sales, predict experts


The iPhone XR will overtake all iPhone sales, predict experts: The market for the more economical iPhone XR will overtake sales of the more expensive, luxury iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, say experts, as the launch day for the latest Apple smartphone approaches.

Traders say the reasons for this stem from several areas. The main one is of course, the price point. The iPhone XR comes in at a mere $749 – wwhile the new iPhone X models start at an eye-watering $999 – and only move up. There’s also some concern that the glitches seen happening with the new iPhone XS and XS Max are contributing to customers holding on their their cash until the iPhone XR is released in just a few weeks.

iPhone XS and XS Max gripes

Battery life has been one serious bone of contention. Once again, iPhone is experiencing poor power management and failure when compared with the direct competitor – the Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung. Testersa noted that the iPhone XS Max experience a drained battery while the Samsung Note still had 37% of it’s power left.

Hot on the heels of this rather disappointing news, are the complaints that the new iPhone XS and SX Max, are not charging properly and that the quality control on the handsets have been poor. Some users have experienced the inability to charge their new devices via the lightening cable, and have discovered that only wireless charging for their new device is effective. Considering the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max only come boxed with a lighting cable, and you have to purchase the wireless charging system separately, users are not happy.

For fashionistas and those concerned about colour, the iPhone XR also comes in a pleasing range of six colours, including the very popular scarlet red casing that saw users mod their iPhone X’s to, after the special edition look was allotted a limited number.

Bigger iPhone XR orders for Asia

Ming-Chi Kuo, who handles iPhone’s shipments the south east Asia, has increased his iPhone XR shipment order by 10%, from, 78 million to 83 millions handsets in time for the retail launch in just a few weeks. He told Forbes; “We believe that replacement demand for XR will be better than it was for the iPhone 8 series last year because of XR’s larger display, longer battery life, dual-SIM support, and new form factor design.”

The iPhone XR is an impressive piece of tech for what is now considered and budget smartphone. However, although it looks the part, several areas have been downgraded to account for the lower price point. There is an LCD screen instead of the OLED seen in the iPhone X, XS and XS Max. The camera has also been downgraded to reduce the cost of components. And, the water resistance is less efficient with the XR model.

Watch this space for more news on iPhone’s latest budget tech.

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