iPhone XS is the best iPhone yet, say reviewers

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iPhone XS is the best iPhone yet, say reviewers



iPhone XS is the best iPhone yet, say reviewers: To be fair, we’d be disappointed if it wasn’t, given the hype prior to it’s launch, the cost (the most expensive smartphone on the market) and the fact that it’s the latest offering from Apple. However, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has not been without it’s teething problems, which tech junkies are putting down to poor testing prior to Apple rolling out the latest iOS 12 updates. But, let’s face it. The iPhone X was a pretty tough act to follow – so what exactly has changed, and what are you really getting if you decide to upgrade to the iPhone of iPhones (for this year anyway).

New tech in the iPhone xs

Actually, it’s starts with some pretty basic and cool modifications. First off, the speakers are bigger and louder. Apple describes the new sound quality as ‘wider’. Crazy!

The next thing that’s better is the camera has been improved. We do expect this with every smartphone upgrade, regardless of the make or model. However, iPhone cameras are now so good – and have so many advantageous features, that it’s likely most users will never actually utilise them to their full advantage.

The third thing that’s better is the battery life (Hooray! We hear you cry). Yes, let’s hope Apple has also learned well from the battery scandal, and that your XS or XS Maxs doesn’t become a slow-mo once iOS 15’s update kicks in in 2022.  Time will tell, but for now, the battery management is better than the iPhone X – and the chipset is also more efficient too.

However, it remains to be seen if Apple will make a statement regarding ‘Chargegate’. This particular failure on the majority of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Mas models, means that the handsets don’t charge properly through the charging jack as a result of the IOS 12 update. Whilem users who have upgraded to wireless charging are happy as larry with their new phones, those who have remained wire-friendly, are suffering somewhat. It seems there is a software issue that means the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, cannot be charged unless the display is switched on. And, even when it’s switch on, wire-jack charging is unreliable.

Unexpected benefits for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users

Despite this setback, another interesting piece of research by the National Tsing Tsing University of Taiwan, along with Anandtech, has shown the that OLED screens on the new Iphone XS and iPhone XS max, are actually healthier for user’s eyes than the older LCD ones. The tech boffins have actually measured the reaction of users eyes to both displays, and have concluded that your retina can be exposed to the OLED screen for 20% longer than the LCD display, before it becomes inflamed… It’s rather worrying that smartphone screens cause us to have inflamed retinas at all – but it’s even more scary when you realise it happens only after 288 seconds of usage with the LCD display, and after 346 seconds with the OLED.

And the final benefit is that the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, is available in  a different colour! Yes. You can have your swanky, most expensive iPhone to date in a trendy, slighty pared down gold – which some trendsetters have been heard describing as ‘mocha’, because of the touch of copper added to it. It is apparently not rose gold though…

Is the original iPhone X now defunct?

So what will become of the iPhone X? Given that the above mods are all very nice, but not that groundbreaking, the iPhone X is still a very attractive option for users, because it makes a big leap from the iPhone 8 in terms of tech. Apple’s answer has been to withdraw it from the market – those clever chappies! So if you man X tech, you’ll have to go with the latest generation models, unless you get in the quickly and buy a standard iPhone X asap.




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