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365 Day Warranty

iPad repair parts fitted by us come with 365 day warranty against failure and defects.

Factory Original Parts

iPad parts fitted to your iPad repair are the best quality 100% factory original iPad parts.

Qualified Repair Technicians

Our Ipswich iPad repair technicians are qualified experts in the field of Apple iPad repairs.

Our 100% Confidence Apple iPad Repair Guarantee

Our Ipswich Apple iPad repair services are offered not only with our experience and reputation but our own personal pledge to you. We guarantee that we complete your Apple iPad repair using the best quality parts available, that we operate under the safest and most sensible disassembly routines and that our many years of experience in Apple iPad repair give you 100% confidence in our services. Our regimented tests before and after the repair means that you can be sure that the job will completed in a comprehensive manner.

Our Ipswich iPad repair service is backed by our years of experience repairing the Apple iPad for home and business customers and we have over 25,000 device repair completed for satisfied customers

Warning - Be Cautious

Apple iPads units are a costly item to own so it’s very important to be alert to this when selecting an reputable Apple iPad repair service. Our Ipswich Apple iPad repair service is a sensibly priced, carefully executed and experienced backed repair solution.

Be aware that we are not all Apple iPad repair companies can deliver the safe reliable solution that we do and often a price too low is indicative of cheaper parts used, very limited warranties and no established location to attend if there is a problem. Some modern smartphone units are worth in excess of £900 so don’t take unnecessary risks with very low prices.

Apple iPad Air Screen Replacement

iPad Air touchscreen repair for iPads where the touchscreen has shattered but the LCD behind is in tact.


Apple iPad Air LCD Replacement

iPad Air LCD replacement service for iPads where the LCD screen display is shattered and nonfunctional.


Apple iPad Air Charging Socket Repair

iPad Air charging socket replacement for iPads where charging or USB iTunes connection isn’t working.


Apple iPad Air Front Camera Repair

iPad Air front camera replacement service for iPads where the selfie camera is not delivering an image.


Apple iPad Air Rear Camera Repair

iPad Air rear camera replacement for iPads where the camera for making videos is not functioning.


Apple iPad Air Volume Switch Repair

iPad Air volume flex replacement service for iPads where volume buttons are no longer responding


Apple iPad Air Loud Speaker Repair

iPad Air loud speaker replacement service for iPads that either have no volume or the sound is distorted.


Apple iPad Air Microphone Repair

iPad Air microphone replacement service for iPads which do not pick up sound on facetime or video. 


Apple iPad Air Home Button Repair

iPad Air home button replacement service for iPad Air home buttons broken or not registering clicks


Apple iPad Air Power Button Repair

iPad Air power button replacement is for iPads where the button is either hard to press or not working.


Apple iPad Air Headphone Jack Repair

iPad Air headphone jack replacement is for iPads where headphones via the jack cannot be used.


Apple iPad Air Water Damage Repair

iPad Air water damage repair is for iPads needing internal cleans or fixing through being exposed to water.

From £45

Apple iPad Air Battery Replacement

iPad Air battery replacement is for iPads where the battery has problems charging and holding charge.


Apple iPad Air Wifi Antenna Repair

iPad Air wifi antenna replacement is for iPads where a damaged antenna is causing poor wifi signal.


Apple iPad Air Logic Board Repair

iPad Air logic board repair for iPad logic boards requiring replacement components and micro soldering.

From £45