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Ipswich Slow Computer Problems?

There are a few things worse than having to deal with an incredibly slow laptop or desktop pc. Whether you’re working on something urgent for work or writing a school assignment that’s due the next day, you’ll want to speed up your desktop PC or laptop to get it done ASAP. For an easy fix, you can call on trusted tech support like Acefast Computers, who provides top rated business IT support and domestic IT services however there are simple steps available to Ipswich computer repair customers that they can do from home.

Ipswich computer repair services

Ipswich computer repair customers often bring computers to us because they are too slow to use.

Stop Leaving your computer on for days

Ipswich computer repair customers would be surprised how a lot of people simply let their computer sleep when they leave work or turn in for the night. If you do this then you may want to stop. Leaving desktop computers or laptops on can shorten their lifespan and make them more prone to problems.

The reboot process helps improve the speed of your device since it loads a fresh, new Windows Registry each time. Remember that most IT customer service reps including Acefast Computers Ipswich ask if you’ve tried turning your device off and on. This is the same with routers and a whole host of gadet repair solutions.

Stop Opening too many tabs at once

Multiple tabs is a brilliant way to have all the information you need and cross reference multiple sources but it’s also an effective way of slowing your computer down. Instead of opening too many tabs, why not bookmark the web pages when it gets over five and close the tabs, then reopen them as needed? It’s a slightly longer process but sluggish performance is arguably worse.

Using a lot of extensions and add-ons

The advent of extensions and their marketplace in Firefox and Chrome can tempt you to click a bunch of useful tools. This does unfortunately slow down your browser and use extra resource. Keep in mind that you don’t need all of them all of the time so remove those that you don’t really need, turn off the ones that you only need rarely and keep only the important ones that you use on a daily basis.

However, this issue  goes beyond just unnecessary browser extensions and plugins. When you download programs, some of them come with browser toolbars and other random add-ons which can slow up your desktop or laptop effectively. You can often opt not to download these add-ons but, often you might not notice that they’re part of the install and end up getting them anyway. One effective way to remove them is to check the installed programs on your computer, seek out those that have the word “toolbar” in their name and then uninstall them.

Careful not to use too many programs at the same time

Who doesn’t do this? Having resource greedy Microsoft Office programsa on one side, a couple of chrome windows open, some music streaming in the background and an accidental and unnoticed solitaire or others program. There’s nothing strictly wrong with this but having a few programs open will use resource and cause all to run slowly if you run low on memory. Keep the open programs light and you won’t run the risk of runnng out of memory.

Stop keeping old files

If your desktop or laptop is more than a few years old then it’s likely that you have  stored way too many useless photos, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents, and other types of files on it. This can slow down your computer, especially if you have large movies downloads. Delete the files, movies can always be redownloaded and free up the HD to allow programs to breath

Computer doesn’t have enough memory?

Ipswich computer customers of ours often enjoy cheap laptop deals when they only use their laptop for surfing the web or the odd bit of document editing. However, using resource heavy graphical editing programs or games then you need to make sure that your computer can handle them and memory is a big part of this. If you don’t have enough memory then you’ll most likely experience lag times which in turn slows everything else down. Most memory is expandable so check how much you need and then call Acefast Computers Ipswich and we can upgrade your memory.

Ipswich Computers getting malware?

Ipswich virus removal customer know only too well that the of the biggest signs that it exhibits is that it’s noticeably slower. One of the first signs is that your browser homepage has changed and often changes itself back when altered to your chosen entry page. When this happens you can install virus and malware removal software. Acefast Computers Ipswich can install this for you or you can purchase it direct from us and install it yourself.

Putting up with an old computer?

Ipswich Windows computer customers know that their units above Apple computers have a shorter shelf life. Laptops go out of date pretty quickly when not updated and that in itself is finite. Processing speed running high or at 100% is a common sign that your computers tech is becoming outdated. You can try to upgrade it but if the processor is soldered to the board then you do not have this option so optimising your install of windows or upgrading the memory are the only options. Beyond a point this becomes futile as motherboards can only handle certain upgrades and it becomes time to upgrade the entire computer

Just call Acefast Computers…

Unfortunately some issues are beyond simply tinkering with the files or optimising the install. We at Acefast Computers IT support can in almost all cases solve these issues quickly and at a highly competitive rate. Our experienced technicians can advice on the best ways to keep your desktop computer running effectively and offer live support packages to suit you or your businesses needs.

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