RMM and Business IT Asset Management, 5 Excellent Reasons

Ipswich Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote support and IT asset management (abbrviated to RMM, remote monitoring and management) are key components in running a streamlined business where equipment costs are kept low and pricey downtime and repairs are dealt with in a preventative instead of reactive manner. Remote IT support and IT Asset management are processes and practices that maximise the efficiency where computing and IT are involved within your business. Let’s face fact, these days is pretty much everywhere and in every business now and good RMM is the preferred solution for most companies.

Here are 5 excellent reasons why remote support and IT asset management are the right fit for your business:

  1. 99% uptime through effective RMM. Keeping the wheels of business turning is key, anyone in business can tell you that. With the advent of CRM and ERP (Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and almost exclusive digitalised communications businesses lose money when IT has problems. Whether it’s a staff member unable to email off an order or someones computer not booting reduces productivity when staff or system cannot perform tasks. RMM will allow for instant support and access via data and physicality to work on multiple machines at once.
  2. Keep track of equipment. Good IT asset management allows the company to keep track of all IT assets. Asset management allows the organisation to keep track of all their equipment whether new, old, in need of data destruction or compromised with viruses. It can tell where the units are located, how they are used, and when changes were made to them and if they need maintenance or replacing.
  3. Remote support benefits. Having an IT company work remotely on either a contract or hourly basis reduces the need for expensive visits that incur travel costs and minimum hourly rates. Support workers can execute preventative IT support in the background, make sure that  virus software is up to date and act quickly upon requests for reactive support to keep the cogs of business moving.
  4. Managed Virus Software. Virus protection, spyware software and all others are managed remotely meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that your data is safe from malicious attacks using the latest definitions provided by licensed original protection software.
  5. Upto date software. Software licensing is managed centrally allowing you to continue with business using the best versions of the digital tools your business needs day to day. It’s also worth noting that software purchased and maintained through IT asset management software support tends to be cheaper through exclusive deals. Less hassle, less money and less work as all updates are completed.

The bottom line is, well…the bottom line. For small through to medium sized businesses with well scaled outlets and offices it simply doesn’t make financial sense to have an IT department. Problems do arise but often they don’t which leaves you with an uneven position to fill. This is where the managed software, remote software, asset management and scalable IT support solutions offered by IT asset management come into their best usage.

Ipswich RMM Services

At Acefast we offer a variation of packages to suit all businesses from a small single outlet office to a multiple location operation. Our technicians can pop to see you instead of a salesman, we tell you what you need and not what we want to sell you and we keep the quote as jargon free as possible in order for you to understand the links of our strong support chain of services.

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