Laptop Screen Repair Ipswich

A drop from even the smallest height can crack an LCD on a laptop. Just carrying the unit by the screen can also do the same. There are few things more annoying than picking it up or opening the lid to see a nasty line across the screen. We at Acefast of Ipswich offer a reliable specialist laptop screen repair service. You bring us your broken unit and if we have the correct one here then it’s usually an hour or if not, we order and then fit the screen often within 2 days. A smashed screen isn’t and needn’t be the end of a laptops life so don’t despair if you end up staring at a smashed LCD, simply call us and we will get it sorted for you.

Repairs are priced at £25 for the fitting and then price of the screen. We only use brand new top quality original screens but due to the amount we purchase, Acefast Services do get a nice reduction from the suppliers that we use and in turn put this directly onto the customer.

Because the prices can vary quite heavily from unit to unit dependant on availability, LED or LCD or demand for the unit, we will always check with a customer first before ordering in the screen for the repair for you. Simply put, if a laptop is getting on a bit and only worth £70 but the repair is close to £100 then we will advise that the machine is a write off. However, this isn’t very common. We will always go ahead if the customer is keen to have that particular machine functiong though. Our advise is always free and honest even if it sometimes means not actually undertaking the work as we feel it non cost effective.

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Laptop Screen Repair Ipswich
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